A College Preparatory School with a Military Tradition™

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Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) is a private, independent school offering grades 7 through 12 with day and residential options. Established in 1928, VFMA has a long tradition of fostering personal growth through a comprehensive system built on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development, and Leadership.

Structure and Discipline: A Model For Learning And For Life

A challenging curriculum, a dedicated faculty, small classes, and faculty-supervised evening study halls combine to provide cadets with an environment conducive to academic success. Although we are a military school, the end result is not necessarily to pursue a career in the military– though nearly 10% of our graduates will choose this path. The VFMA “military model” is, at its core, a structured way to teach students time management, professionalism, and life skills that will propel them ahead of their peers.

College-level Classes Available: Fast Track To A Degree

Also unique to the VFMA educational experience is the opportunity for our high achieving, academically qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in credit bearing, classes at the College. Many of our Academy graduates eventually enroll in the College full-time due to our Senior ROTC Early Commissioning Program, where in just two years they can earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. This track is faster than their peers’ in other four-year programs. Valley Forge Military College is one of only five schools in the country to offer this accelerated program, and the only school in the northeast.

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