Specialty Companies

Specialty Companies

While most of the Corps of Cadets is organized specifically according to grade, the four Specialty Companies are different. These companies are comprised of both Academy and College cadets who are committed to participating in these activities. Follow the links for more information.


E Battery


E Battery is the Artillery Troop at Valley Forge Military Academy. This specialized unit is the troop on campus that handles the military mechanical components, including the pick-up trucks used to tow the cannons. Cadets in this unit follow a weekly curriculum to learn about vehicle maintenance and safety. This group is a close knit group with a smaller cadet to NCO ratio and trainer to plebe ratio.


D Troop


D Troop is known as the Equestrian Troop, which deals directly with our horses and stables daily. Members of this troop develop cavalry and showmanship skills. Valley Forge’s equestrian program dates back to the school’s establishment and partake in many well-known parades and performances.

Regimental Band


The band unit at Valley Forge Military Academy is a unique group. World-renowned, they have played in front of United States presidents, major sporting events, and in many annual holiday parades. With an intense practice schedule and strong tradition, the Band unit cadets perfect their instruments in a variety of music. Scholarships are awarded for this particular unit and an audition required. The Herald Trumpets is also a specialized sub group of this unit, traditionally trained for announcing guests of honor at esteemed events.


Field Music


The Field Music unit is commonly known as the marching band and drill team. This unit does not require an audition, however, does have a rigorous practice schedule and compete in more local parades and competitions.