Academic Guidance

Academic Guidance

Welcome to the Academy Guidance Department! Here you will find important information about each year of your VFMA&C education, grading, testing, graduation requirements, and college planning. Please take note of the following class structure used within VFMA:

12th Grade Seniors First Classmen
11th Grade Juniors Second Classmen
10th Grade Sophomores Third Classmen
9th Grade Freshmen Fourth Classmen
8th Grade (Middle School) Fifth Classmen
7th Grade (Middle School) Sixth Classmen
6th Grade (Middle School) Seventh Classmen

Guidance Staff (all telephone numbers are: (610) 989 – XXXX)


Academy Class of 2014 College Acceptances as of April 16, 2014 (PDF)

Academy Class of 2013 College Acceptance List (PDF)

Director of Guidance +
All Grades (N-Z)
Mrs. Megan Sullivan
All Grades (A-M) Mr. Paul Noon
Registrar Ms. Kathryn Ford
Assistant to the Head of School & the Guidance Department Mrs. Claire Reynolds
Other contacts:
Club Z! Tutoring Christine Bacher
Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions Jackie Cuneo 484-385-0112


Current Cadet Resources:

College Application Process for Academy Juniors (PDF)

Links to Service Academy/ROTC Information (PDF)

Links to College Information (PDF)

The college application process is managed electronically through Naviance. Current cadets needing to request their academic transcripts should make the request via Naviance by following the link here:


Former Cadets/Alumni Resources:

Transcript Request Form (PDF)


School Profile

School Size

Full-time Teaching Faculty 24
Total Fall 2012 Enrollment 300
Class of 2012 54
# Accepted to Colleges 54
# Entering 4-year Colleges 48
# Entering Service Academy Preparatory 4
# Entering 2-year Colleges 1
# Entering an Athletic Post Graduate Program 1


Minimum Graduation Requirements*

English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Social Studies 3 credits
Science (at least two laboratory sciences) 3 credits
World Language 2 credits
Health 0.25 credit
Information Literacy 2 credits
Electives 3 credits

*Physical Development/Athletics required each year of residence.


Grading System

Honors Courses

Advanced Placement

A 90 -100 Science Literature
B 80 – 89 Mathematics US History
C 70 – 79 Social Studies European History
D 65 – 69 World Language Biology
F 0 – 64 English Physics B
Language and Composition
Honors courses are weighted .05
Advanced Placement courses are weighted .1