Academic Policies

Academic Policies

Academy/Parent Communication:


If you have a question or concern about an academic issue, please contact the teacher first.  If further assistance is needed, you may contact your cadet’s guidance counselor.

Failure Notification

The Guidance Department will provide communication to parents for any cadet failing a course for each of the following terms: first quarter, first semester, third quarter and year end.

Academic Probation List

If a cadet is earning a grade below 70 in one or more subjects during any marking period, he is placed on the Academic Probation List (APL).  This list is updated every two weeks.

Report Cards

Academy report cards are released for the following periods:  first quarter, first semester, third quarter and year end.  Report cards are released approximately two weeks after the completion of each term.

Academic Support:

Teacher Help

Teachers are available to provide individual help daily during Academic Support Period or at other times mutually arranged between the cadet and the teacher.  Faculty members are also available during evening supervised study.

Guidance Counselors

The Academy Guidance Department gives continual assistance and counseling to each cadet.  Guidance counselors follow each cadet’s academic progress and keep in contact with parents.  The department also coordinates college testing and college placement.

Student-Peer Tutors

Volunteer student tutors are available for many subjects.  A list of peer tutors is posted in the cadet barracks and the academic buildings.

Supervised Study

On all evenings preceding class days, cadets are required to study in their rooms from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.  Faculty members are present in the barracks during these evening periods to maintain an atmosphere conducive to study.  Students may also use the library during supervised study to individually pursue research and to access library resources.

Professional Tutors

Students and/or parents may contact the Guidance Department for assistance in locating a private tutor.  Contracting and payment for private tutorial services is the responsibility of the individual cadet and his parents.

Academic Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities and Athletics:

The following restrictions apply to students on the Academic Probation List (APL).

  • For one course – The student may not participate in any extra-curricular activity conflicting with scheduled academic time to include class periods and Evening Study Hall.
  • For two or more courses – The student may not participate in any extra-curricular activity conflicting with scheduled academic time to include class periods and Evening Study Hall. The student is allowed to participate in athletic practices but will not participate in interscholastic athletic competition.

Academic Achievement:

The most prominent and traditional awards are academic stars.  Academic stars are awarded for the following levels of unrounded GPA.  All cadets must maintain a minimum grade of an 80 in all courses, to include a passing grade in all Pass/Fail (P/F) courses.

Gold Stars:

93 percent or higher average

Silver Stars:         

88 percent or higher average

Red Stars:            

85 percent or higher average

Stars are awarded for the following periods: first quarter, first semester, third quarter and year end.  Star cadets receive special leave and other privileges.  The Headmaster’s Medal is awarded for earning Gold Stars for both the first and second semesters of the previous academic year.  In addition to Stars and the Headmaster’s Medal, there are numerous other awards given by various disciplines and organizations to honor scholarly achievement.

Unauthorized Class Absences: 

Unauthorized absences from the Academy or Middle School classes or athletics will be handled promptly to avoid a cadet getting behind in studies.  Academy and Middle School cadets will report to the Assistant Headmaster per Daily Routine Orders (DROs) and TAC Officer notification of the daily Unauthorized Absentee List.  The Assistant Headmaster will determine if the absence is excused or unauthorized.  Failure to report for the explanation will result in an automatic unauthorized absence and the cadet will be issued restricted privileges. When a cadet is notified of an unauthorized absence, the cadet appears at a Headmaster’s Hearing in Shannon Hall.  If the unauthorized absence is substantiated, the punishment is Restricted Privileges (RPs).  The results of a Headmaster’s Hearing will be forwarded to the TAC Officer for execution of punishment.  If a cadet accumulates three or more unauthorized absences, he is immediately referred to the Commandant for a Regimental or Academy Board.


Cadets can be assigned detention by Faculty for minor in-class issues.  If a cadet fails to report to the detention, he will appear before the Assistant Headmaster. The Assistant Headmaster may impose up to three days of penalty detention. Cadets will serve the detention the day it is received.  Exemptions will be rare.

If the cadet fails to meet these conditions, he will be immediately referred to the Commandant’s Department for an Academy Board or Regimental Board for Class A Disciplinary Violation.