Academic Support

Academic Support


Cadet Peer Tutoring

Cadet Peer tutoring at Valley Forge Military Academy is available through teacher or self-referral.  It encourages academic and social growth in both the tutor and the student being tutored. The student who is being tutored is provided with assistance and academic support in an area that he is finding difficult, in an attempt to strengthen his understanding of the topic. The tutor also benefits from the situation because while he might have a strong background in the content, the best way to truly understand a concept is through teaching. It is our hope that both cadets involved see tutoring as a beneficial and rewarding experience. The tutor may also receive privileges and awards based upon tutoring contact hours. The Cadet Peer Tutor will also have the opportunity to include tutoring as part of his college resume for community service.


Club Z Tutoring

Club Z is a professional tutoring provider that serves many of our Cadets in various academic subjects, study skills and organization, and SAT/ACT prep.  Parents are encouraged to contact the Area Director of Club Z to discuss the Cadets academic needs and complete financial arrangements.  The Area Director then meets with the Cadet individually to introduce them to the program and provide details and tutoring schedule.  The schedule is also provided to the Guidance Department to ensure support and provide reminders for Cadets if necessary.  Club Z typically meets with cadets during evening study hall hours.


Delaware County Intermediate Unit

The DCIU provides a Reading and Math Specialists to work closely with Cadets who demonstrate a need for additional support.  The Reading Specialist gives an initial assessment to identify areas of need and if necessary provides one on one or small group support in providing reading and comprehension skills.  The Math Specialist also works one on one or in small groups to improve Math skills from Pre-Algebra to Geometry.


Academic Support Period

There are Academic Support Periods scheduled during every school day to offer an additional opportunity for Cadets to work closely with their teachers.  Cadets are able to get further insight on lessons and/or catch up on assignments if necessary.  ASP is available to all Cadets but is made mandatory if the Cadet is not performing up to standard in a particular class.