Five-Day Boarding Program

Five-Day Boarding Program

Studio Art, one of the many creative electives that VFMA offers to students

Studio Art, one of the many creative electives that VFMA offers to students

Five-day boarding cadets (VF5D) are bound by the Guidon and other VFMA&C Regulations. Their schedule is different in part from tradition seven-day boarding cadets, but their obligations are virtually the same. The VF5D program will be supervised by the Commandant of Cadets and TAC Team Leaders. 

Note:  VF5D is an option available to families who live relatively close to the VFMA&C campus.

Plebe Training

VF5D Plebes will be boarding cadets from their reporting date until the Recognition Day Ceremony, when they end their full-time boarding status and may go home on weekends.


VF5D will check the Daily Routine Orders (DROs) sent to their VFMAC cadet e-mail account during the weekend in order to confirm the Uniform of the Day for the following Monday morning, and will meet uniform expectations when arriving on campus.

Assignment and Billeting

VF5D cadets are eligible for assignment to any of the Academy units.  They will be provided a room in barracks required to have the basic issue and personal items to set up the room according to standard for the Plebe Training period. VF5D cadets will be inspected and held to the same standard as other rooms in the unit in terms of orderliness and cleanliness.

Weekday Schedule

Per normal routine.  VF5D cadets will be at Valley Forge by 7:30 AM Monday morning to attend a unit formation and Morning Colors. VF5D cadets will follow the regular tactical and class schedule, Monday through Friday.

Weekend Schedule

  • Saturday - After Recognition Day, VF5D Cadets are exempt from Saturday requirements (see “Disciplinary Obligations” below).
  • Sunday - VF5D cadets are not required to be present Sunday, unless they desire to attend Chapel or Parade. If they so desire, they may report to their unit for 1st Mess at 8:20 AM, or report at 10:00 AM to their unit to attend Chapel, or 12:00 PM to attend Parade. VF5D cadets may be required to be present for selected Regimental or Chapel Parades.


Cadet Leaders have significant leadership responsibilities on evenings and weekends; therefore, VF5D Cadets will remain as Privates.  In truly exceptional cases, VF5D Cadets may be promoted.


VF5D cadets are responsible for arranging transportation, so as to be at their appointed place of duty.  There may be instances where lack of transportation may prevent a VF5D cadet from being present for school, training, or meeting disciplinary obligations. These instances will be handled on a case by case basis, between the VF5D cadet’s parent and the Commandant or Tactical Team Leader.


VF5D cadets will be rostered for the same duties as their boarding counterparts, to include Charge of Quarters in barracks and Guard Duty at Lee Hall, Monday through Friday.

Disciplinary Obligations

VF5D cadets may incur restricted privileges like any other cadet. However, VF5D cadets must serve these punishments on Saturday. The VF5D cadet with restrictions must make arrangements with his family to be present fifteen minutes prior to formation on Saturday (1:30 to 4:30 PM) and/or regimental restrictions Saturday (7:00 to 9:00 PM).  In the event the number of restriction privileges cannot be satisfied on Saturdays, the Commandant may direct a VF5D cadet to report on Sunday(s).

Band and Athletes

Band cadets and athletes are eligible for the VF5D program; however, they will meet all musical and athletic obligations, e.g., weekend practices, concerts, or games.  Failure to meet musical and athletic obligations will result in dismissal from the appropriate program.

Automobile Privileges

VF5D cadets possessing a driver’s license are prohibited from using their vehicles during the week.  They may drive a vehicle solely to depart for weekend leave and return to campus.  The vehicle must have a VF5D school parking permit.  Only after providing parental permission to a TAC Officer and solely for the purpose of departing and returning for leave, will a VF5D cadet provide transportation to a boarding cadet.

Tuition and Fees

VF5D cadets will be charged at the same rate as boarding cadets.  There will be no tuition refund for transfer to Day Cadet status.

Special Events

VF5D cadets will attend special events as determined by the President.  These will include the Military Tattoo, Christmas Holiday Vespers, Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Silver Taps on Friday evening and the Alumni Parade on the Saturday of Alumni Weekend, Sunday Chapel and Regimental Parade of the Parents Spring Festival Weekend, the Memorial Day Parade in Wayne