Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

2LT Paul Kazanjian keeps cadets engaged with a wide range of daily experiments in his chemistry classes

2LT Paul Kazanjian keeps cadets engaged with a wide range of daily experiments in his chemistry classes

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for a Valley Forge Military Academy diploma, cadets must earn a minimum of 24.75 academic credits.  One credit is given for each year-long course and one-half credit for a semester course.

Cadets must satisfactorily complete courses in the following areas:


4.0 credits


4.0 credits

Social Studies

3.0 credits (One year each of World History and United States History, plus one other course)


3.0 credits (Two years of laboratory sciences,  plus one other course)

World Language

2.0 credits (Two years of one language)


Cadets will be required to take an Information Literacy/Computer Technology course.


In addition to the academic subjects, all cadets must take Athletics and Health programs as follows:

  • Health Education– 0.25 credits
  • Physical Education– Cadets will participate in company level physical training three times per week.
  • Athletics—Cadets will participate during each season in either an interscholastic sport or Company level athletics.



Transfer Credits

As students transfer to Valley Forge Military Academy from other high schools, credits transferred from previous courses are applied to the appropriate VFMA subject area.

Course Placement

Algebra, geometry and world language classes taken before 9th grade count toward graduation requirement only if they were taken in Academy classes.  They may have an effect on placement.  All academic courses may also fill elective requirements once all the graduation requirements are met in that subject area.  All elective courses go toward elective requirements only.

Placement in Honors and AP level courses will be determined without weight to a course and each course may have specific requirements, including but not limited to, prior year average in the content area, PSAT/SAT/ACT scores, or required summer preparation.  Students enrolled in an AP level course are required to take the associated AP exam.

Students typically take 5.75 to 6.75 credits per year. In addition, they may be scheduled for non-credit courses such as Driver Education, Applied Music, TOEFL Preparation and SAT Preparation.


One unit of credit reflects approximately 120 clock hours of instruction, or a course that meets one period daily for a full year.  One-half unit of credit reflects approximately 60 clock hours of instruction.  Courses taken for remediation or for acceleration at other schools must meet these standards to be approved.  The Guidance Department provides approval for courses taken for both remediation and acceleration.

Students who fail a course fulfilling a graduation requirement must make up the failure at a summer school, with a private tutor, online, or repeat the course the following year or semester.  Parents/guardians are notified if their son is failing or has failed a course along with proper documentation for summer school enrollment.  Parents must seek the Guidance Department’s approval for these courses.

Seniors are required to pass ALL courses in their senior year, regardless of the number of credits previously earned.  A failure of a semester course in the first semester of the senior year must be repeated either in the second semester, if possible, or during the summer prior to the cadet being permitted to graduate.

College Courses

Juniors and Seniors who are eligible have the opportunity to take one to two college courses in each semester.  Requirements for taking a college course are as follows:

  • 90% or higher in the subject area of the college course
  • No grade lower than an 85% at the end of the prior year.
  • Cadet meets the course pre-requisites as listed in the catalogue.

Course Registration

Cadets will follow a registration process similar to college students, will complete an orientation on policies, and sit through college placement exams.  Cadets are registered in courses that have available seating and no guarantee is provided to any senior interested in taking a college course.  College courses can only be taken Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Academy cadets are not permitted to take any college science courses.  Cadets are required to indicate their intentions for course credit, to include High School Credit Only, College Credit Only or High School and College Credit (Dual Credit).  College courses used for High School Credit Only and Dual Credit will calculate into the Academy GPA, weighted at 1.10, the same as an Advanced Placement course. College courses cannot be taken to replace an Academy course required for graduation.  Cadets who desire to take a college course but do not meet the above requirements, will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Headmaster for approval.