Library Acquisitions

The librarians develop the library collection based upon the curricular linkage of the collection to the educational programs of the Academy and the College and the reading interests of the Corps of Cadets. Using a wide range of professional reviewing resources from both librarianship and the professional associations of other academic disciplines, we maintain a constantly updated purchase list for both immediate acquisition as well as long-term consideration.

Suggest a title

We are always pleased to receive suggestions for future acquisitions, whether a specific title/author or a general area of the collection in which you would like to have new items. Please contact LTC Smith with your suggestions:


Donations to the Library

The cadets and faculty have benefited greatly from the support of friends who have donated books and other materials to the library over the years. We are frequently contacted by family, alumni and friends who wish to donate new books. Sometimes it may be a specific title that has personal significance to the donor in honor or in memory of someone. At other times, supporters may wish to consider a set of titles of a timely nature.

Because the librarians maintain a “Wish List” for future acquisition, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss the library‚Äôs specific needs and interests with potential donors.

When donations in kind are made, the titles are evaluated to determine their relevance to the informational and educational needs of the students and faculty in relation to the curriculum and the personal reading interests of the cadets. Please contact the Director if you wish to donate collections of books or other media to the library.