Additional Services

Additional Services


Academic Support in the Library:

All of the following library areas are available for faculty and students to reserve for instruction, supervised study, audiovisual and computer presentations, and meeting purposes.


Computer Laboratory

The computer lab is used during the school day for teachers and librarians to present information literacy instruction, library resource-based instructional units, and individual student use. Individual cadets may use these 20 Microsoft-compatible computers for paper and project preparation, word-processing, accessing library resources though the online catalog, searching the library’s online subscription-based research resources, and searching the web for curriculum-based information. The lab is open during weekend and evening study hours until 9:30 pm.


Learning Assessment & Support Center

The mission of the Learning Assessment & Support Center (LASC) is to assist a diverse population of students achieve academic success and to provide opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and intellectual growth. The LASC provides tutorial services and educational resources at no additional cost to students enrolled in the college. Additionally, the LASC works with students with diagnosed learning disabilities to provide academic services and accommodations to those students to ensure equal access to the institution.

The LASC’s newly-renovated facility is outfitted with computers, SmartBoard technology, and a printer/copier/scanner for student use. In addition to peer and professional tutoring, students can take advantage of assistive technology like Dragon Naturally Speaking to word process assignments and search academic databases and the web. Supplemental computer-based instruction is also available to students struggling with reading.

Become a certified tutor, find out more by contacting the center. For questions, comments or suggestions about the Learning Assessment and Support Center please contact



Moore, Stein, Weller Study Center

The Moore, Stein, Weller Study Center for International Relations and Naval History includes a collection of memorabilia and artwork that pertains to Valley Forge, the U.S. Navy and international relations. The purpose of this room is to increase cadet interest in the fields of international relations and naval history, and to encourage cadets to explore the prospect of a career in military service.


Cadet Counseling Center

The Cadet Counseling Center is a separate division of VFMA&C that is housed in the Library. The Counseling Center was implemented as part of the Forge’s Character Development Program to help cadets address social and emotional issues that may affect their growth and development.

Staffed by Licensed Social Worker and Director, Ruth Conboy, L.S.W with Counselor Joseph Kelly, M.A. the center provides:


Offers individual or group sessions. Helps cadets develop effective communication skills, stress management techniques, and improvement in self-advocacy skills.

Cadet Development

Focuses on leadership and character. Helps cadets better understand themselves and others by focusing on time management skills, anger management, and conflict resolution techniques.

Faculty/Staff Development

Provides programs and workshops focusing on developmental issues unique to adolescents, including techniques for assisting students with learning differences and pro-social approaches for improving student motivation.