One of the most important decisions that a young person can make is to decide on a school that best fits the needs that will shape their future. Our son did just that, he dreamed big and pursued being accepted as a cadet at Valley Forge Military Academy. His dream came true. He has succeeded tremendously. As a new cadet coming into the Academy for his freshman year of school, he has truly thrived in a highly academically challenging, disciplinary environment. He reported to school in early August as young kid and has now turned into a tremendous leader both academically and spiritually. He loves the environment and the camaraderie that he has with his brothers at the Academy. During the Plebe period, he grew to respect, appreciate and count on his brothers to help him through anything that he may encounter. A deep bound between these wonderful, young intelligent men will never be broken.

Being part of soccer, swimming and lacrosse has shaped him into a well-rounded individual. His gold star performance in academics has given him the confidence to know that he can succeed at anything. He has been fortunate to be exposed to many different students from different countries and backgrounds. This has made him diverse and accepting of all individuals and tolerant of people from different cultures. My son’s story is a real story of someone who was so passionate about what he wanted that he researched, prepared and went after a dream that only he could make come true. His dream to be part of the 84 Corp of Cadets at Valley Forge Military Academy will set him apart and prepare him for the brightest future that even he could never dream could be possible. Valley Forge Military Academy does make dreams come true.

~Nancy & Bill Minich
Parents of Cadet Christian Minich ’15

The initial impression we had of the Forge’s influence on our cadet was his appearance. His physique had leaned out; his posture was erect and the broadened shoulders offered an indication of the added strength and agility he had acquired in his six week transition.

Our cadet’s confidence was demonstrated in the direct eye contact made when speaking with adults, and peppering his responses with “Sir” and “Ma’am” brought a smile of admiration to our faces. He was clearly more centered and self-assured. We had sent away an average teenager, challenged with trying to establish his identity and understand his place in the world. In welcoming our cadet back home, we saw a young man who understood that his identity was a reflection of the principles he chose to live by. We’ve seen the proof of The Forge’s mental and physical effect, and are very proud of our cadet.

~Sandy & Denise Saddler
Parents of Cadet Sandy B. Saddler ’16