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Valley Forge Military Academy is an independent, private, college preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12 offering day and boarding options

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A College Preparatory School with a Military Tradition™

Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) is a private, independent, college preparatory school offering grades 7 through 12 with day and boarding options. Established in 1928, VFMA has a long tradition of fostering personal growth through a unique, comprehensive system built on Five Cornerstones: Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development, Physical Development, and Leadership.

Upcoming VFMAC Events

Fourth Quarter Marking Period Ends
May 26 all-day
Academy Final Exams
May 30 – Jun 1 all-day
Middle School Promotion Ceremony @ Chapel
Jun 1 @ 10:00 am
Academy Underclassmen Depart Campus
Jun 1 @ 8:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Academy Underclassmen Depart Campus

Academy Underclassmen and 7th graders depart following their last duty and prior to 8:00 PM.

Academy Graduation
Jun 3 @ 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Academy Graduation

Graduation for Valley Forge Military Academy. The graduation exercise will occur on the Parade Field. Parking will be in the General Parking lot on Radnor Street Road.

8:30 to 9:30 AM – Graduates Coffee for Graduates and Families
9:00 AM – Graduates Move to Main Area
9:30 to 11:00 AM – Graduation (Parade Field)
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM – Final Clearance Procedures

Academic Excellence

Our dedicated faculty develops cadets with the knowledge to thrive in a four-year college, in their careers and throughout their lives.

Personal Motivation

Through teamwork, organizational pride and establishing and achieving personal goals, each cadet learns to strive for excellence.

Character Development

Cadets learn to contribute to society while maintaining our high standards of character and love of country.


Through a structured environment cadets learn individual responsibility and gain the ability to become citizen leaders.

Physical Development

Through physical education and athletic competition, each cadet learns the habits and attitudes necessary for lifelong physical wellness.


A One of a Kind Experience

Founded in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is an independent, private, boarding-day, college preparatory school comprised of a middle school (grades 7-8) and high school (grades 9-12). Attracting students from 24 different countries and 31 different states, VFMA is an international leadership institute where students have cultural interactions that prepare them to compete in today’s global society.

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Strong Traditions blend with college preparatory curriculum

Students at VFMA are immersed in a unique educational experience centered on academic excellence, personal motivation, character development, and team building that helps them reach their academic and personal goals. Life-long friendships are forged through the shared experiences, challenges, and bonds of cadet life. The rigorous college preparatory curriculum is delivered by credentialed faculty who serve as both teachers and mentors, providing cadets with individualized attention and ensuring an environment focused on academic success. As a result of the leadership education training and STEAM curriculum they receive, Academy cadets grow to become confident leaders who can navigate practical challenges, apply critical thinking processes, and embody classic values such as ethics, character, and honor.


Parents of Valley Forge Military Academy students note the transformational effect that the structure and rigor of the school has on their son and the relevancy of a Valley Forge Military education to their sons’ future. Parents note that Valley Forge teaches their son basic values which, many feel, are omitted from the basic curricula of other schools, such as “teaching students to be ethically and morally minded to lead in business and life.” Many cite that “Valley Forge has a desire and passion for students to succeed” but note that the school’s value is that it pushes their son to succeed not just on standardized tests but – more importantly – in character and personal responsibility.

Students choose to attend VFMA because they want to do better. Parents who choose to enroll their son at VFMA understand and value that teaching honor, discipline, structure, and integrity are the cornerstones upon which their son can develop into a knowledgeable, strong-minded, successful leader prepared for whatever path he may take in life. Valley Forge Military encourages cadet success through the power of achievement and the bond of the corps. Cadets learn valuable skills such as time management, communication and presentation techniques, and group dynamics. Each leads to increased self-confidence, which propels VFM students to the next level by allowing them to realize what they can achieve.


Located in the suburb of Wayne, PA, just 12 miles from Philadelphia, the Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMA) campus offers an idyllic educational environment centrally located near the vast cultural offerings of the city of Philadelphia. From the Philadelphia Art Museum to the Rodin Museum, to the Franklin Institute to the Constitution Center, Independence Hall, or Valley Forge National Park, Valley Forge Military Academy offers students the opportunity to supplement their solid educational experience within a cradle of historic, cultural, and artistic enrichment opportunities.

A Lot to Offer

Small class sizes, specialized instruction, and dedicated teachers and mentors provide an enriching educational experience that imbues students with character traits and the skills to reach their potential. Visit Valley Forge Military Academy campus with your son and see the Valley Forge difference for yourself. We also offer a “Cadet for a Day” option where your son can experience Valley Forge first hand and we can connect you directly with other families to discuss their experiences.

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Military Model

Providing Structure and Discipline: A Model For Learning And For Life

A challenging curriculum, a dedicated faculty, small classes, and faculty-supervised evening study halls combine to provide cadets with an environment conducive to academic success. Although we are a military school, the end result is not necessarily to pursue a career in the military– though nearly 10% of our graduates will choose this path.

The VFMA “military model” is, at its core, a structured way to teach students time management, professionalism, and life skills that will propel them ahead of their peers.

Fast Track

Unique to the Valley Forge Military educational experience is co-location of Valley Forge Military College.

As such high achieving students at VFMA may take college courses at the College (VFMC). This provides Academy students the opportunity to experience college coursework, interact with college students and class discussions, earn college credits, and a VFMC transcript.

Established in 1935, Valley Forge Military College (VFMC) is a co-educational, accredited, private, two-year college. VFMC students are highly disciplined young women and men who – in their academics and through competitive NJCAA athletics – hold themselves to a higher standard focused on the goal of becoming VFMC graduates and successfully transferring to a four-year college or university.

Corps of Cadets

A Cadet-led System Administered Through The Military Structure

Steeped in tradition, student life at VFMA centers on the challenging rigors of life in the Corps of Cadets. The common experience of living closely together in a highly disciplined and challenging environment creates a unit esprit and camaraderie that remains with the student long after graduation from VFMA.

Under the supervision of the Commandant of Cadets and the Company TAC Officers, the cadets are responsible for the administration of the Corps and the implementation of the rules and regulations that govern the cadets’ daily lives. This delegation of authority directly descends from the Commandant and TAC Officers through the Chain of Command. Opportunities to learn and practice leadership are provided through leadership and staff appointments in the Chain of Command.

Membership in the famed “Continental Line” is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a daily life that is precise, structured, and demanding. With these appointments into the Chain of Command, cadets gain confidence and are given an increasing amount of responsibility, fostering poise as leaders.

Cadet Training

The Ideal Vehicle For Developing Leadership And Management Skills

When students enter Valley Forge Military Academy, they must accept the values and standards of “The Forge” as their own if they are to succeed. For the Corps of Cadets these values and standards are reflected in three basic declarations: the Mission Statement, the Cadet Resolution and the Honor Code. The companies live together, eat meals together in the Regimental Mess, and wear the unique uniform that identifies them as Valley Forge Military Academy students.

Cadet training teaches students to think clearly, to keep their minds alert and active, and to form habits of neatness and correctness. It prepares them for greater responsibilities by teaching respect and obedience to authority and by developing habits of self-discipline.

Corps Structure

How The Corps is Structured

All members of the Corps of Cadets are organized into separate companies — solely Academy Companies; solely College Companies; and Specialty Companies comprised of both Academy and College cadets. Each company is commanded by a Cadet Company Commander and assisted by a Cadet First Sergeant.

Academy Companies (Grades 7-12)
  • A Company
  • B Company
  • C Company
  • F Company
College Companies
  • G Company
  • H Company
  • I Company
Specialty Companies (Academy & College)

Our Success Stories – Read what Parents and Students say about their Valley Forge Experience.

I graduated VFMA class of ’09. I attended the academy for four years of high school in order to aid in my pursuit of a military career. I graduated as Company Commander of Charlie Company. During my time there I had the fortunate opportunity to work with yourself and your Naval Academy Prep Program in order to prepare myself for a military career. Your mentorship and leadership made me only want to serve with the very best service men and women this country has to offer. You aided me in the process of applying and interviewing for the Marine NROTC program. I attended Drexel University on full scholarship from the NROTC and graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. I was a midshipmen in the NROTC program at UPenn from 2009-2014 under Col Wilcox, where you came and spoke at our Spring Graduation Ceremony. I commissioned in the Marine Corps as a 2ndLt in May of 2014. I cannot thank you enough for your mentorship as a cadet at VFMA. I have been extremely pleased with my decision, thanks to you, to earn a Commission in the Marine Corps. I love working with Marines every day and could not ask for a better start to a career.

My time at Valley Forge was instrumental in my development as a leader and I would not be where I am at today had it not been for the opportunities afforded to me while at the Academy.

Robert M. McCollum III

1st Lt, USMC

Our son Joseph Ingrao attend[ed] his high school years (9-12) at VFMA, and graduated Class President on June 4, 2011. Joseph, then continued his education at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, and graduated this past May, with a Bachelors degree in Construction Engineering. We are extremely proud of our son, and attribute many of his successes to the outstanding education, and lessons learned through the Military environment VFMA offered. This is an experience very few will ever have, and it was the best decision we ever made! Integrity, courage, valor, teamwork, and honor…..Thank you VF!!!

Laurie & Sal Ingrao

Parents of Joseph Ingrao

Valley Forge Military Academy and College