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Core Curriculum & Programs of Study

The Academy’s academic strength comes from the amount of age-appropriate support provided for students at specific grade levels.

Three distinct but connected groups comprise the middle school and high school academic programs: the Middle School (grades 7 – 8); the High School Buff & Blue Experience (grades 9 and 10); and the Pre-College High School experience (grades 11 and 12).

Transitions between each of the academic programs are smooth.

8th graders progress easily from Middle School to the Buff & Blue Experience, and sophomores make a clean transition to pre-college preparation. Teachers communicate frequently within and between programs to share knowledge about students, coordinate curricular components, and plan for optimal student life. Support is gradually eased between the earlier and later grades to prepare students for success in college and life beyond. Ultimately, successful young leaders result from the combination of support and independence allotted to them at Valley Forge Military Academy.