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Camp Life

From day camp to overnight camp, from academic enrichment to fitness training, we are excited to welcome kids of all ages to our summer camps. Our camp offers something unique for everyone, including making friends from across the country and even from around the world! Learn more by visiting our campus, or contacting us at or 610-989-1253.

The Basics:


Our barracks on campus provide two-person rooms that have bunk beds and individual desks and wall lockers. If you would like your camper to room with someone specific, please let us know. There is also a recreational room where the campers will be bunking that has a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, TVs, DVD player, as well as video games. This will be an option for the campers only after their rooms are inspected and clean.


The Academy Regimental Mess serves 3 meals per day. There are also barbecues and cookouts and other special occasions where different food options are available. Please be sure to share any food allergies or dietary restrictions your camper may have and we will work to accommodate those special requests. Specialty options such as birthday cakes and pizza parties can be arranged with Sodexo prior or during camp.


Our Summer Camp Staff of approximately 50 caring men and women includes camp commandants, assistant commandants, counselors, teaching faculty, sports coordinators, medical staff, food service staff, and other personnel. Our staff are either from the local area or international locales. At Valley Forge we maintain a camper to counselor ratio of seven to one or better and academic courses have class sizes between five and ten campers to one teacher, depending on subject and age group.

Cell-Phone Policy

Any camper who brings a cell phone MUST turn it into the Head Commandant and will be permitted to use it only at certain times during the camp week. We have adopted this policy due to lost or stolen cell phones, inappropriate use of text messaging and picture taking. We encourage campers to participate in sporting activities and socialize with friends instead of relying on cell phones.

Staying in Touch by Phone 

Parents may call the camper’s barracks to speak with the Commandant and hear how their child is doing. In addition, campers are permitted to call home during free time by asking permission of their counselor. If the camper has a cell phone, he or she will be permitted to use it only during designated times.

Please Note: If you would like to check in on your camper, it is best to contact your camper’s Commandant directly, not the camp office.  Campers are all over the campus during the day and we ask that during the camp day parents do not call unless it’s a true emergency.  Calls are better suited during the evening hours 7pm and 9:30pm.

Staying in Touch by Mail

Campers should come prepared with pens or pencils, stationery, and self-addressed stamped envelopes to write home about their adventures. Remember that your camper has a busy schedule. Do not be surprised if their letters are brief. You can show your love and care for your camper by sending return letters and/or packages. Remember to label all packages appropriately with their name and camp (e.g. Raider, Fitness Ranger, etc.). Mail will be distributed to the campers once daily, either at second mess (lunch) or third mess (dinner), depending on their activities.

Please Note: Feeling homesickness is normal for young campers while they are adjusting to their new environment.  Parents need to be prepared and remind the campers of all of the fun and adventure that they will be experiencing while at camp.  Remember, camp is not a punishment but a rewarding experience!  Our counselors are caring men and women who will help and encourage your child with their adjustment into camp life.