Alumni Association


Officers – Effective May 1, 2014

Seat Name Term Ends
David Esqueda ’98/’00C May 31, 2016
Joseph Bartasius ’81, ’83C COL USA (Ret.) May 31, 2016
Executive Vice President
Roque Schipilitti ’06 May 31, 2016
GSgt. Juan Santana ’81C USMC (Ret.) May 31, 2016
Capt. Mark Woolley ’76 USN (Ret.) May 31, 2016


Board of Directors

Directors Term Ends
Scott Bartlett ’88 LTC USAR 2016
Sean Condron ’97 2016
Greg Copeland ’56 2015
George Cressman Jr., ’86C COL USA (Ret.) 2016
Niles Dally ’63, Past Chairman AABOD 2015
Sean Fox ’96 2016
Alfred Heyer ’69, Past Chairman AABOD 2016
Dr. Glen Horsky ’74 2016
Robin Lahiri ’85 2015
Paul Lea, IV, ’87, ’89C, Ph.D. 2016
Justin Mahwikizi ’01 2016
Dave Martin, COL USAFR (Ret.) 2015
Pete McLallen ’62, ’64C 2015
Daniel McSweeney ’88 2016
CPT Thomas Merman ’70C CPT USA (Ret.) 2015
Ashley Neth ’12C 2015
Taylor Picone ’06, ’08C CPT USA 2016
Bob Shapiro ’60 LTC USAF (Ret.)
Honorary Executive Vice President
Bill Smith ’60 LTC USAR (Ret.) 2016
David T. Welsh ’85 2016
Austin Wenzell ’00 2015
Frank Winters ’87 2015
Additional Responsibilities:
Woodie Stevens Museum Curator, Emeritus
Bob Bacine ’60 BOT Rep to the AABOD
Bill Beute ’63 Committee Co-Chair, Awards Committee
Tom Goldblum ’69
Director, Alumni Relations
Douglas Hasbrouck VP Institutional Advancement
Gordon Hanscom ’62, ’64C Customs & Traditions, Forge Way Committee


All Officers and Board Members shall be chosen from the members of the Association. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the following: Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of the Association, Executive Vice President of the Association, Secretary of the Association and Treasurer of the Association. They shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting, and shall hold such office immediately following the Homecoming Weekend until their successors have been elected. The Chairman must have previously served as President of the Association. The President must have previously been a member of the Executive Committee for two (2) years unless he previously served as Executive Vice President. The Executive Vice President, Secretary of the Association and the Treasurer of the Association must have previously served as a Director for one (1) year.