President’s Message

Message from the
Chairman & President


Dear Alumni of the Long Line of Grey,


The Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD), which represents ALL alumni, is pleased to serve one of the finest educational institutions in the country. We have been charged to continue to nurture and enhance relationships between the alumni, cadets, parents and the VFMA&C administration. We are making strides in this endeavor; it is our mandate to grow and prosper. President Ronald Reagan asked us to “stay the course,” so we are asking all of you to stay on the path of success that has been established over the last couple of years and help us to continue the growth of our beloved Alma Mater. For your continuing efforts we say “THANK YOU!”

  • “The Forge Fund:  Is the general fund for VFMA&C as it encompasses everything from daily operations, facilities and building maintenance, science and technology upgrades and innovations, cadet and staff life experiences and environment. When you designate your generous contribution to The Forge Fund you are affecting all aspects of The Forge. Members of the Society of the Golden Sword ($1,000 yearly gift) are invited to an annual reception at Crossed Sabres hosted by our President Dr. Stacey Sauchuk, and other exclusive events throughout the year.
  • Alumni businesses support scholarships:  A unique program in the Pennsylvania Tax Code encourages companies to support scholarships for financially deserving K-12 students through generous tax credits.  Through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) programs, companies are providing life-changing scholarships to today’s Cadets.  These scholarships are 100% need-based, and have enabled dozens of young men to benefit from the structure, discipline, and values that are instilled through Valley Forge’s exceptional educational programs.
  • Targeted Contributions, EITC & OSTC: We have many gifts that are designated for specific purposes. You may direct your grift to such places as The Band, E Battery, D Troop, the May H. Baker Memorial Library, the Athletic Department or any other part of the school that you desire.  You may even designate your giving directly to the Alumni Association to help support those activities.

Additionally, your Alumni Association supports a series of events including, but not limited to: Annual Stars Dinners, Officers Dining-In, TAC Dinner, Graduation Dinner and other cadet appreciation events. Your financial contribution and participation is always welcome and much appreciated.

In closing, your passion, commitment, and leadership are very much appreciated.  We encourage each one of you to come and participate in our quest toward success.   Your input is greatly sought after and we need you to help by being a member of our Forge Way, Homecoming, and Museum Committees. Your participation and interactions with our cadets is wonderful for them as well as for you. To get involved and make a difference please contact Tom Goldblum ’69, Director of Alumni Relations, at 610-989-1329 or email at


Best Regards,


David Esqueda                                                                       Joseph Bartasius
David Esqueda ’98 ’00C                                                          Joseph Bartasius ’81
Chairman, AABOD Association                                            President, Alumni