Noteable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni Book of Rememberance

Many of those who attend Valley Forge Military Academy & College go on to distinguished careers, both in and outside the military. The profiles below are just some of those who have gone on to achieve notable success, experience extraordinary circumstances, or accomplish feats we feel worth mentioning.

Notable Alumni

William S. Aichele ’70
Chairman of Univest Corporation of Pennsylvania
Sydney Offit ’46
Aaron Beasley ’92
Professional Athlete
Fred F. Patten ’30
Chairman/CEO of Patten Group
Alan R. Buckwalter, III ’66
Banking Industry Executive
Julian Peterson ’98C
Linebacker for the Detroit Lions
Rafael Hernández Colón ’54
Former Governor of Puerto Rico
Gary Roughead ’69
Admiral, United States Navy
Chris Doleman ’81
Professional Athlete / NFL Hall of Fame
Warren B. Rudman ’48
Former U.S Senator
Judge Jan E. DuBois ’48
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Simeon Rylski ’60
Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria
Christian Farr ’92
News Anchor, Fox News
J. D. Salinger ’36
Larry Fitzgerald ’02
Professional Athlete
H. Norman Schwarzkopf ’52
Commander, Operation Desert Storm
Paul E. Galanti ’57
Former Prisoner of War, Motivational Speaker
William Slater II ’76
Past Right Worshipful Grand Master of Freemasons of Pennsylvania
Karl Hankton ’90
Professional Athlete
Gary Stills ’95
Professional Athlete
Bryan Lentz ’84C
Former Pennsylvania State Representative
Jimmy Sturr ’60
Grammy-Award Winning Musician
Bob Mensch ’65C
Pennsylvania State Senator
Mr. William R. Tiefel ‘52
Marriott / Ritz Carlton Top Executive (Retired)
LTG H. R. McMaster ’80
American soldier and career US Army Officer
Eric Fisher Wood, Jr. ’37
World War II Hero
Wes Moore ’96 ’98C
Rhodes Scholar & White House Fellowship
LTG (nominated) Gustave F. Perna ’81
American soldier and career US Army Officer
LTG Michael Linnington ’76
Military Executive to an
Undersecretary of Defense

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Book of Remembrance

“…who gave their lives for the right to be called Americans…”


Frederick L. Beerman, Jr., USAAC, WWII

P. Mortimer Lewis, III, USAAC, WWII


Ernest Halton, USA, WWII

Joseph P. Prendergast, Jr., USA, WWII

John Rahter, Jr., USA, WWII

Howard M. Rothman, USAAC, WWII


Thomas J. Foley, Jr., USA, WWII

Joseph L. Henry, Jr., USN, WWII

Charles C. Huff, II, USA, WWII

James E. Mather, USAAC, WWII


John O. Boland, USA, WWII

Richard S. Patzowsky, USMM, WWII

Egil H. Relling, USA, WWII

Frank W. Van Loon, USAAC, WWII


Clayton R. Blessing, USAAC, WWII

George W. Elliott, Jr., USA, WWII

Walter R. Romney, USAAC, WWII

Carl U. Sautter, USAAC, WWII


Martin H. Cortwright, USA, WWII

Morton T. French, USAAC, WWII

John D. McCloskey, USAAC, WWII

Howard F. Porter, USAAC, WWII

Lewis P. Wells, Jr., USAAC, WWII


Lester M. Block, USA, WWII

Ernest M. Elkin, Jr., USAAC, WWII

Thomas Q. Slattery, USMC, WWII

Eric Fisher Wood, USA, WWII

John E. Young, USAAC, WWII


Wilmurt A. Bennett, Jr., USN, WWII

David Edmonds, USAAC, WWII

John F. Kiely, USA, WWII

Clarence J. Kuncl, USA, WWII

Robert Morris, VII, USAAC, WWII

Joseph D. Stone, Jr., USA, WWII

Clifton W. Strunk, USAAC, WWII

Wayne T. Swanbery, USAAC, WWII


Donald W. Campbell, USA, Korea

Robert C. Haas, USAAC, WWII

Owen M. Maxwell, USA, WWII

Paul C. McNiel, USN, Guantanamo Bay

Joseph F. Meyers, USAAC, WWII

Ross E. Powell, USA, WWII

Ralph V. Shaffer, USA, WWII

Malcolm A. Schweiker, USA, WWII


William C. Lentz, USN, WWII

Theodore M. Maloney, USAAC, WWII

Jack E. Steele, USA, WWII

Robert R. Ziegele, USAAC, WWII


Frank E. Bloomenshine, USA, Korea

George F. Carey, USAAC, WWII

Gordon B. Chapman, USA, WWII

Albert M. Ehart, Jr., USA, WWII

Vernon D. Pearson, USAAC, WWII

Justin A. Pie, USA, WWII

Emanuel P. Russo, USA, WWII

Graham C. Woodlaw, USA, WWII


Martin S. Drobner, USA, WWII

John W. Campbell, USA, WWII

Robert E. Chittenden, USA, WWII

William I. Harvey, USA, WWII

Robert I. Rothstein, USA, WWII

Howard R. Sanders, USA, WWII

George D. Shields, Jr., USAAC, WWII


Joel C. Dressel, USN, WWII

Conrad E. Fischer, USA, WWII

Edmond M. Flaherty, Jr., USA, WWII

Perry R. Hoffman, USA, WWII

Nicholas M. Manos, USA, WWII

Robert Paryzek, USAAC, WWII

Allen W. Rucker, Jr., USA, WWII


Lewis F. Lane, USA, Korea

F. Turner Munsell, Jr., USA, Korea

John E. Pagett, USA, WWII

William G. Turner, USA, WWII


Richard R. McCullough, USA, Korea

Harry W. Spraker, Jr., USA, Korea

Fred Z. Troescher, Jr., USN, Philippine Sea

Joseph A. Yates, Jr., USAAC, WWII


Michael C. Esposito, USA, WWII


Junius B. Agnelli, USA, Korea

William T. Harvey, USN, Mediterranean Sea

Je Mickey Helt, USA, Korea

Arthur B. Moore, USN, Mediterranean Sea

Myron G. Reed, II, USAF, Yellow Sea

Clifford David Strout, Jr., USA, Korea


George H. Lorimer, USA, Korea

Salvatore Meli, USAF, Germany

Alberto G. Recio, Bay of Pigs

William R. Wolfe, USAF, United States


Robert A. Bergman, USN, Korea

William E. Bernzinec, USA, Vietnam


Donald J. Seaman, USAF, Vietnam


Ernest E. Layou, Jr., USA, Vietnam

Richard P. Polidori, USA, United States


Ronald R. Ferris, USA, Korea


Richard Lynch, USA, Vietnam


George E. Hussey, USA, Vietnam


Stanley K. Smiley, USN, Vietnam

A. Robert Toal, USA, Vietnam


Raul Menocal, Bay of Pigs

John S. Sabine, IV, USA, Vietnam


Bruce B. Greene, USAF, Vietnam

R. Jefferson Hornaday, USAF, Thailand

Alexander K. Ward, USMC, Vietnam


Harold J. Kaufman, USA, Vietnam


Robert H. Donaway, USA, Vietnam

Maxwell Frantz, USMC, Vietnam

Peter W. Saravo, USN, United States


Thomas E. Firth, USMC, Vietnam

Jaime Pujals, USA, Korea


R. Michael Arnovitz, USA, Vietnam

Otto Paul Meyer, III, USA, Vietnam

Joseph C. Park, Jr., USA, Vietnam


Raymond G. Krobetzky, USA, Vietnam

F. Ronald Tomon, USMC, Vietnam


Robert W. Dieffenbach, Jr., USA, Vietnam

Victor C. A. Jauer, USA, Vietnam

Jon R. Morvay, USN, Vietnam


Tony Clough, USA, Vietnam


Paul M. DuCharm, USMC, Vietnam


Craig E. Lerner, USCG, Puerto Rico


George L. Dramis, USMC, Lebanon


Durrell V. Pearsall, FDNY, World Trade Center


Phillip Esposito, USA, Iraq


Captain Jeffrey P. Toczylowski, USA, Iraq


Robert Michael Langley, USA, Oxford, MS


Capt. Ronald George Luce, USA, Afghanistan


Spc. Kevin Mowl, USA, Iraq


Joseph James Theinert, USA, Afghanistan

Key to Service Designations

USA – U.S. Army

USN – U.S. Navy

USMC – U.S. Marine Corps

USAAC – U.S. Army Air Corps (WWII)

USAF – U.S. Air Force (post-WWII)

USCG – U.S. Coast Guard

USMM – U.S. Merchant Marine