Reasons to Go

6 Reasons to go to Valley Forge Summer Camp!

1. Meet someone new

We offer a fun and safe environment where 6-17 year olds can build self-confidence and leadership while trying new and exciting challenges and skills with counselors and campers from around the block – and around the world.

2. Try something new

Want to learn how to complete a military obstacle course? Rappel down a 40 foot wall? Ride a horse? We offer a variety of great enrichment activities to add to the experience, so kids can try out everything from sailing to karate, without having to commit a whole camp to it.

3. Academic options

How do you cover school subjects in the summer… and still end up with a happy camper? At Valley Forge, you can combine concentrated instruction (in Mathematics, Composition, Creative Writing, Reading, Developmental Reading, even College SAT Prep) in a program that still makes time for fun day and overnight activities. And class ratios are great – between 5 and 10 students per teacher.

4. Schedule friendly

We pride ourselves on fun and flexibility – offering a schedule that allows for your son or daughter to experience everything we have to offer at camp, as well as parent-friendly options like an extended day (at no additional charge) that allows busy parents to fit camp more easily into their schedules – dropping day campers off as early as 7:00am and picking them up as late as 6:00pm.

5. Free extras

Each camper is not only given free extended care and lunch, but also a set of t-shirts to wear to camp, daily, taking the thinking out of the morning routine.

6. Photos and Parent Communication

We will be uploading photographs to Facebook on a regular basis during both day and overnight camp so families can stay connected each day to their campers.