What to/Not Bring

What to/Not Bring

This packing list is to be used as a guide when preparing for summer camp


___ 6 White T-shirts                                                   ___ A pair of slacks (khaki or jean)

___ 6 pairs of gym shorts                                           ___ A pair of sweatpants

___ Sweatshirt                                                              ___ 2 swim suits

___ A hooded rain coat or poncho                            ___ 10 pairs of white athletic socks

___ 8 sets of brief/undergarments                            ___ 2 pairs of sneakers

___ A pair of shorts (khaki or jean)                           ___ A pair of shower shoes (flip flops)

___ 2 pairs of pajamas


___ Pillow and pillow case                                       ___ 2 flat single-bed sheets – extra long

___ 1 blanket

Personal Items:

___ Hair brush                                                             ___ Shampoo and Conditioner

___ Toothbrush                                                           ___ Sun Screen

___ Tooth paste                                                            ___ Deodorant

___ Lip Balm with sunscreen                                    ___ 2 bath towels or beach towels

___ Plastic dish with soap                                         ___ 2 wash cloths

Miscellaneous Items:

___ Back pack                                                             ___ Stationary (pen and paper)

___ Small fan                                                              ___ Water bottle with strap

___ Combination Padlock                                         ___ Watch (optional)

___ Sunglasses (optional)

Valley Forge will supply each camper with:

4 week campers                                                           2 week campers

___ 4 camp T-shirts                                                    ___ 3 camp T-shirts

Campers should NOT bring the following: 

-Electronic equipment*

-Electronic games

-Valuable jewelry/watches

-Paintball guns

-Archery bows

-Knives of any kind

-Large radios (a small desk radio is allowed for in-room use only)

-Television sets


-Chewing gum

-Air conditioners

-Extra money (Do not bring cash. Gift cards may be purchased form cadet store)
*NOTE: Please review our cell phone policy prior to sending it with your child

Anyone caught with drugs, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, or alcohol products of any kind will be removed from camp without refund.

Anyone who brings a weapon of any kind (air soft guns, paintball guns, pen knives, etc.) will be removed from camp without refund.

Lost Items

Thing can be misplaced or lost easily at camp. VFMA&C will not take responsibility for any lost possessions. It is the camper’s responsibility to make sure that their personal items have been securely locked, labeled, and put away.

New Cell Phone Policy

Any camper who does bring a phone MUST turn it into the Head Commandant, and will be permitted to use it only at certain times.