File a Grievance

File Grievance Report

Every cadet at Valley Forge Military Academy is entitled to file a grievance for an equitable application of the standards guiding cadet life at VFMAC. Valley Forge is committed to high standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct in both its Corps of Cadets and Staff and Faculty. In line with this commitment and our commitment to open communication, this policy aims to provide an avenue for cadets to raise concerns and reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for making claims of unfair/unjust treatment or actions.

This Duty of Care for Cadets policy is intended to cover protections for cadets who raise concerns regarding actions of other Valley Forge cadets, staff or faculty; such concerns regarding:

  • Bullying/Hazing
  • Inappropriate behavior or conduct such as sexual harassment/assault
  • Activities that are not in line with Valley Forge‚Äôs Code of Conduct
  • Illegal or unethical activities