Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum


VFMC offers programs leading to the Associate in Arts degree and the Associate in Science degree. Students further elect to pursue an Academic concentration in the following fields:

Associate in Arts:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Government/History
  • Humanities

Associate in Science:

  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Associate in Business Administration

The VFMC Curriculum is divided into three distinct categories: Core Requirements, Degree Specific Requirements, and Concentration Requirements.

To receive either an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science Degree or an Associate of Business Administration, all students must complete a minimum of 60 credits total, with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of a 2.0 or higher, and complete all core and program requirements.

In addition, ECP students must complete a military history course.

International students must complete a leadership development course in lieu of the Military Science course requirement.

Native speakers may not enroll in courses in the target language for credit.

Core Curriculum

The core courses are designed to give the student a solid foundation in writing and basic skills necessary for higher level courses as well as to introduce them to a wide variety of fields of study.

All students enrolled at VFMC are required to complete between 33-39 credits to fulfill their core curriculum requirements. The amount of credits completed depends on the level and course of Leadership Development you will be enrolled in. These levels are determined by which track you will be following. Students entering the ECP program through ROTC will be taking Military science courses that require more credit hours than those students taking a lower level Military Science or Leadership course.

The following categories list the course options and credit requirements for the Core Curriculum requirements.

Core Curriculum

Category Credit Requirement Course Course Title
Ethics 3 credits PL 101 Introduction to Ethics
English 6 credits EN 101 Composition and Rhetoric
    EN 102 Analytical Writing and Research
Literature 3 credits   Any literature course offered
Social Science* 3 credits EC 101 Macroeconomics
    GV 101 Introduction to Government
    PY101 Introduction to Psychology
    SO 101 Sociology
History*** 3 credits   Any history course offered
Globalization 3 credits PS 102 International Relations
Math 6-8 credits****   Any math higher than MA 100
Science 4 credits****   Any science course with lab
Leadership** 2 to 6 credits MS 101-402 Military Science (two terms)
    IN 104 Leadership in Society (international students)

*choose one course from the list of courses indicated.
**credits dependent on participation in lab.
*** ECP students must take HI 203 American Military History to fulfill both the ROTC requirement and core history requirement.
****specific math and science courses are specified by program options for Associate of Arts and Associate of Business Administration programs, and by program requirements for Associate of Science programs.

Valley Forge Military College is committed to the assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes. VFMC faculty and courses are reviewed on a semester basis. VFMC programs are reviewed by VFMC Institutional Research, utilizing in hhouse and national data collection services, annually.