Valley Forge Scholarships

New Students:

The Mustang Foundation scholarship recipients are recognized during College graduation

The Mustang Foundation scholarship recipients are recognized during College graduation

Academic Scholarships: 8,000-15,000 per year are offered to students with excellent academic records. Renewable with a 2.0 GPA.

Alumni Scholarship: Up to 2,300 per year. For students who are children of Forge Alumni with demonstrated financial need, renewable by maintain a 3.0 GPA.  Application required.

Battle of the Bulge: UP $4,700 per year. For students who are the grandson of a Veteran of the Battle of the Bulge with a preference to members of the Delaware Valley Chapter with demonstrated financial need.

Band: Determined by the Bandmaster, contact the music department for details on how to apply. Amounts very.

Mustang: Is committed to supporting economically and socially disadvantaged young men and women who have the qualities of character, intellect, promise and dedication to be “mustangs” in both life and citizenship. Separate application required and recipient is selected by the Mustang Foundation.

Out-of-State Grants: These grants are awarded to students outside of Pennsylvania and based on the formula set by Pennsylvania to award its own grants to Pennsylvania residents. Grants will not be given to students from states that may bring their state grants to VFMC such as DE, CT, RI.

Pennsylvania Legislative Appointment Initiative: Students must earn a high school diploma or GED; live in the commonwealth during the term of the appointment; have cumulative high school GPA  of 2.0, SAT 850 (Math and Verbal only) or ACT 17. Appointed students will be eligible for a Valley Forge scholarship ranging from $12,000 to $17,000. No merit scholarship will be awarded.

Prior Service Scholarship: Awarded to students with prior military service enrolled as a full-time day student.

Rockwell Foundation: Up to $3,400. Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need with a preference to Bandsmen.

ROTC: Interested students must apply through the ROTC office. Scholarship is full tuition and some fees.  Cumulative 2.5 GPA, Combined SAT math and reading score 920 or 19 on the ACT. Pass the DOD medical exam, be a U.S. citizen of good moral character at least 17 of age years of age. VFMC will provide a scholarship for room and board. Not other VFMC scholarships will apply.

Sibling: $1,500 per year will be awarded to each sibling when two or more dependent siblings are enrolled full-time in the college. Renewable as long as siblings are enrolled and are meeting satisfactory academic progress.

VFMC Achievement Award: Ranging from $10,000-$14,000.  This award recognizes exceptional participation in school activities, community service, volunteer work or special talents academic achievements or standardized test scores. The award is renewable each year provided the student remains a full-time undergraduate in good academic standing. Separate application is necessary.

Woman’s Leadership Scholarship: Awarded to assist women in their pursuit of solution to the critical social, environmental, health and economic problems facing their communities.


Returning Students:

Achievement Award for Returning Students who demonstrate financial need,involvement and leadership on campus, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and demonstrated willingness to take student loans may apply.  Separate application required. Applications for the fall semester are due June 1; applications for the spring semester are due November 1. Awards go up to $3,000 per year.

Grace S. W. Linton Nelson ScholarshipAmounts vary, awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and would be unable to return.

Hocker Penn Capital Scholarship: Amounts vary, awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and are in excellent academic standing, minimum GPA 3.5.