Business Administration

Associate in Business Administration

The Associate in Business Administration program offers a rigorous academic curriculum geared to fulfill all the requirements of the Associate of Arts degree while positioning the student for a major in Business at VFMC and subsequent transfer to a four-year institution, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. The goal of the program is to expose the student to the theories and principles underlying various business disciplines such that the student may better assess their interests and aptitude for this particular area of study. The theory is further enhanced using applications to real life and business experience in the business arena and current events.


Upon completion of the program the student should be well-positioned to transfer into a four-year institution to major in: Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, International Business, Finance or Marketing

Required Courses:

Language Two semesters in one language
EC 101 Macroeconomics
EC 102 Microeconomics
AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
AC 202 Principles of Accounting II
BU 201 Principles of Management

Restricted Electives (select one of the following):

BU 105 Introduction to Business
BU 204 Business Law
BU 205 International Business
Math Any math above MA 100
(AACSB transfer institute candidates must complete through Calc I)
Science Any science course with a lab