Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program provides students with a comprehensive background in the workings of the criminal justice system. With an emphasis on both theoretical perspectives and practical concerns, the VFMC Criminal Justice program allows the student to develop an understanding of the multi-faceted discipline through the explanation of the fundamentals of Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Law and Procedure, Law Enforcement Administration, and Laws of Evidence, as well as the contemporary relevance of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism.

This solid course of study prepares students to continue to pursue their academic and career interests that include the legal system, local law enforcement, social work, forensics, and criminology.

Required Courses:

Language Two semesters in same language
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 204 Criminal Law and Procedure
CJ 205 Criminal Investigation
CJ 206 Law Enforcement Administration
CJ 220 Criminology

Restricted Electives (choose one of the following):

CJ 207 Laws of Evidence
CJ 210 Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Math Any math course above MA100
Science Any science course with a lab
Electives Any VFMC course not required by program
(as needed to fulfill 60 total credits)