Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences

The Associate of Science in Physical Sciences program provides students with a solid foundation in the scientific method and knowledge of the principles that govern the workings of the physical world. Students in this program can choose one of two tracks based on their interest: research in Physics, Bio-Physics, Geophysics, Industrial Tech, or Pre-Engineering. The pre-engineering track is structured for those students planning to transfer into an engineering program and requires students to take specific courses in calculus and engineering statics.


Required Courses:

  CH 103 Principles of Chemistry I
  CH 104 Principles of Chemistry II
  PH 201 Physics I
  PH 202 Physics II
Math MA 104 Calculus I
  MA 201 Calculus II

Restricted Electives

(choose two courses / at least 6 credits of the following):

  EV 201 Environmental Science
  ER 201 Engineering Statics*
  GV 201 Geology
  MA 202 Calculus III*
Electives   Any VFMC Course not required for program
(as needed to fulfill 60 total credits)

*restricted elective requirements for those students seeking transfer into an Engineering Program.