Returning Students – College

Returning Students

We hope you are enjoying the summer and look forward to welcoming you back on campus in the fall. Before returning and receiving a room assignment for the next year, all continuing students must register for class. To expedite your move-in, complete and submit all applicable financial aid paperwork, outstanding tuition payments, and necessary medical forms. Move-in dates can be found below.

Register for Class

If you did not register for class during continuing student registration, you can register online via the e-student portal:

How to Register:

  • Choose Term – e.g. SP-15.
  • Click on Registration
  • Choose “credit option” for the course(s) you would like to register for.
  • Scroll down to “process”
  • Registration for term complete.

If you have any difficulty registering for your Fall courses, e-mail the Registrar’s Office.

Billing and Payment Contract

  • Complete and sign the Billing and Payment document and return to
    Valley Forge Military College
    1001 Eagle Rd
    B&PD – Medenbach Hall
    Wayne PA 19087
  • Valley Forge does offer payment plans, complete details are provided within the document. This service is provided through Higher Education Services and requires a small annual application fee. Contact HES at 1-800-422-0010 or visit their web-site at

View Your Class Schedule Online

  • Verify Term
    • CURRENT TERM (located under your name) should indicate FA-14: this will allow you to access your schedule for Fall 2014.
    • If your term does not indicate FA-14, please click “change” located next to TERM and choose FA-14 from the drop down menu.
  • COURSES: Can be viewed on right hand side of main student portal page. This provides the you with the course titles.
  • To View Your Schedule:
    • Under the “Administrative Services” heading, select “My Schedule.”
    • “My Schedule” provides you with details as to the course title, course ID, course credits and the days and times for each class meeting. This version is printable.
  • Book information for each of your classes is available through the student portal, via the “Registration” tab
  • Book information will be available by July 15
  • When ordering, please order by ISBN number to ensure you have the correct edition.

Order your Textbooks

  • Book Information is available online for each of your courses, through the student portal.
    Log in to the portal
    Look for “My Courses” on the right side
    Click on the course title
    Under Course Information Section you will see Textbooks link
    Click on the link to obtain the information (ISBN number) for the course texts
  • Books may also be available and ordered via other websites such as,, among others. When ordering books, please order by the ISBN indicated to ensure you have the correct edition.

    Complete your Financial Aid Paperwork

    • Financial Aid (US Citizens Only) If you have not already completed your FAFSA form, File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • VFMC FAFSA Code is:003386
    • If your aid award calls for a Master Promissory Note, please be sure to complete, sign, and return that prior to your August arrival.
      The form should be mailed to:
      Valley Forge Military College
      1001 Eagle Rd
      College Financial Aid – Medenbach Hall
      Wayne PA 19087
    • A FERPA waiver must be completed for the financial aid office to discuss financial aid options with anyone other than the student. To authorize a third party access please complete our Financial Aid FERPA Waiver.
    • Additional Financial Aid Information
    • If you have questions about your financial aid please email the Financial Aid Office. Be sure to include your student ID number and a contact number where we can reach you with answers.

    Complete Mandatory Medical Paperwork

    Information Technology

    All students are required to own a laptop. Most current production laptops in the market will meet our requirements, however we encourage you to review our Academic Student Computer Standards, which will provide you details on recommended system specifications and standards while attending Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

    Remember to complete your paperwork prior to your arrival and we will be able to expedite your move-in. Failure to do so will result in significant delays.

    College Move-In and Arrival Dates

    Please follow the dates and times below that pertain to you. Barracks assignments will be available via your e-student portal, and will also be e-mailed to you. We are currently working on assigning rooms for all registered fall students. Information below is currently tentative and subject to change, please check this site frequently for updates.

    Monday August 4

    • Report for check-in at the Athletic Field House
      • 11:30am-12:30pm Returning Football athletes and Band members
      • Note: all other college athletes arrive on August 11.
      • For your convenience, please park in General Parking, adjacent to our track and field.

    Thursday August 7

    • Leadership Detail – College Cadets who have registered for class and accepted leadership training invitations, report on August 7 for training. Check-in at Eisenhower Hall at the times listed by your barracks assignment.
      • 9:00am Younghusband Hall
      • 10:00am Lafayette Hall
      • Park in the Parade Field lot

    Monday August 11

    • Report for check-in at Eisenhower Hall
      • 3:00pm Returning Fall season athletes other than football.
      • For your convenience, please park in the Parade Field lot.

    Friday August 22

    • Returning college students, report for check-in at Eisenhower Hall at the times listed by your barracks assignment. Academy students taking college courses should report on this day.
      • 9:00am Younghusband Hall
      • 10:00am Von Steuben Hall
      • 11:00am Lafayette Hall and any other returning College students assigned to other barracks.
      • You may park in the Parade Field lot during check-in.

    Bring your Uniforms and Basic Issue Items

      Reminder: you must return to Valley Forge with the prior year’s basic issue clothing items that you were issued at both the Cadet Store and Press Shop. Upon returning to Valley Forge these items will be inventoried by a member of the TAC Officer team. Basic clothing issue items that cadets have worn out or outgrown will be replaced. Cadets must replace lost items or items that have become unserviceable due to negligence or abuse.

    • Previously issued at Cadet Store
    • 2 Laundry Bags1 Pair Combat Boots10 VFMAC T-Shirts1 Pair Black Gloves
      10 Laundry Tags1Pair Black Dress Shoes1 Beret Capshield (College)1 Beret
      1 Laundry Marker2 Sweatshirts1 Capshield 1 Combination Lock
      15 Laundry Pins2 Pair Sweatpants3 BDU Name Tapes1 Wool Cap
      4 Wire Hangers2 Short Sleeve School Shirts1 VFMAC ID Card1 Chapel Cap
      8 Coat Hangers3 Pair Gym Shorts1 Breast Plate1 Cap Cover
      3 Trouser Hangers5 Gym Shirts1 Belt Plate1 Black Scarf
      1 Can Brasso1 Swim Suit1 Web Belt and Buckle1 Pair Low Overshoes
      1 Nail Brush1 Pair Suspenders2 Pair White Gloves1 Mattress Cover
      2 Blankets
    • Previously Issued at the Press Shop:
      • 1 Full Dress Blouse
      • 1 pair Full Dress Trousers
      • 2 pair Dress Grey Trousers
      • 1 Raincoat/All-Weather Coat
      • 1 Black Sweater
      • 1 CQ Jacket/Leave Jacket
      • **2 Battle Dress Uniform (BDU)
        • 2 BDU Shirts
        • 2 BDU Trousers
      • **1 BDU Field Jacket
      • **1 pair White Trousers
      • **items are issued to the cadet but remain property of school.

    Parents Association

    2014-15 Parents Association Membership Form