Residence Life

General Housing Information

  • Valley Forge Military College houses approximately 325 undergraduate students in three, on-campus, college specific, residence halls located throughout campus.
  • Residence halls at Valley Forge Military College are known as Barracks, the military term for dormitory, in which students are normally housed in single or double rooms.
  • Residence halls are single-sex and range in size.
  • Younghusband Hall is a three story, all male, college barracks.
  • Students residing in the college barracks known as Lafayette Hall are housed in rooms and on floors according to gender.
  • Von Steuben Hall is the residence Hall for specialty units, including the Band, Field Music, E Battery (Artillery) and D Troop (Horsemanship).
  • TAC (Teach/Advise/Counsel) Officers are the adults on the staff responsible for the overall supervision of a cadet’s daily activity.  The TAC Officer is the primary point of contact for parents regarding a cadet’s overall performance.  There is a Day TAC Officer (primary) and Night TAC Officer (assistant) per unit or barracks.