What to Bring

What to Bring

The following required items may be purchased at the Cadet Store or brought from home:

1 Bathrobe Solid black backpack
12 pair of appropriate undergarments
to include:
  – 12 pair boxers/briefs (males)
  – 12 pair underwear (women)
  – 8 bras (women)
Please take into account the need for proper
undergarments for athletics
10 white t-shirts, quarter sleeve, crew neck 3 pillowcases (white) to fit 20″ x 26″ pillow
3 handkerchiefs 1 pillow (20″ x 26″)
9 pair athletic socks (white crew without logos) 2 pair thermal underwear (white)
1 shoe polish kit (polish, cloth, brush and dauber) 6 flat sheets (white, twin size mattress)
10 pair black dress socks 10 bath towels (white)
1 clothes brush 1 pair shoe trees
2 toothbrushes & toothpaste 1 pair shower shoes
2 sets pajamas Soap dish (white)
1 hair brush School supplies
1 comb (black) Personal size clip fan
Razor & razorblades *1 pair of gym shoes (Black/low quarter)
4 washcloths (white) Lock for laptop computer
1 pair slippers Emergency rain poncho
32 oz. Nalgene (non-BPA) water bottle 4GB Memorex Jump Drive
Wastebasket Ethernet Cord
Sunscreen (30 SPF or higher)  

* NOTE: Cadets may bring a pair of low quarter multi-purpose/cross-trainer athletic shoes from home instead of purchasing tennis shoes from the Cadet Store. The shoes must be solid black without extraordinary adaptations (lights, colored laces, etc.) and with a non-marking sole.

Cadets who have a compelling medical reason that prohibits them from wearing the standard cadet issued black leather shoe will be required to wear a solid black tennis shoe in coordination with the Director of Health Services and the TAC Officer.

The recommended black tennis shoe is Reebok, Model Club-C. They can be purchased at a shoe store that sells athletic footwear or from the Cadet Store.


Optional items that a cadet may desire to bring, but are not required, are discussed below:

(1) A small suitcase or athletic equipment bag to be used during short leave periods. Cadets

are prohibited from departing on leave carrying belongings in laundry bags, pillowcases, duffel bags, etc.

(2) Athletic equipment or musical instruments they desire to use.

(3) Small electronic desk/clock radios, CD players, compact stereo units and an electric fan

(not to exceed 9” in diameter).

(4) Due to spaces limitations, we limit the size of audio entertainment systems authorized for use by cadets. All sound systems, to include speakers, must be self-contained without separate components. Sound systems must be no more than 30 inches in depth.

Systems which do not meet this criterion will be placed in storage or returned home with parents.

Cadets must bring the previous year’s basic clothing issue items issued at the Cadet Store and

Press Shop back to school with them each year (refer to paragraphs 2A & 2B). Valley Forge replaces basic clothing issue items that cadets have worn out or outgrown. Cadets must replace lost items or items that have become unserviceable due to negligence or abuse. More information on this topic can be found in the Parents’ Handbook.

Marking of personal items.

All articles will be carefully marked with the cadet’s name and personal serial number. Your cadet’s serial number was provided in the acceptance letter which was mailed under separate cover. Use indelible ink or name tags for clothing items. Equipment should be marked with an engraving instrument.

Items not permitted are as follows (this list is not all inclusive, but serves as an example): television sets, large radios requiring extension speakers, component stereo systems, record players, drum sets, electric guitars, electrical appliances, VCRs, video cameras, Candles (decorative or functional, wick or no wick), Toasters or Toaster Ovens, Hot Plates with exposed heating elements, Space Heaters, Pets or animals of any kind, Halogen Lamps, Platform Beds or Lofts, Cinder Blocks or any other item designed to raise the height of your bed, Wall Mounted Shelves or any other item that requires permanent fixture to walls or furniture, Air Conditioning Units, game boys, X boxes, DVD players, video IPODs, beepers, pagers, knives, butane or aerosols, squirt guns, toy guns, fire arms or air/gas pressurized weapons of any type, fireworks/pyrotechnics.

The Academy and College do not accept responsibility for the loss, breakage or theft of personal property brought on campus by cadets. We recommend you inventory those items and forward the inventory to your insurance carrier so that, if necessary, a rider can be added to your policy to ensure full coverage.

Cadets should bring with them an appropriate change of clothes to ensure their comfort until uniforms are issued. This can be slacks, shirts and sneakers, winter jacket or sweatshirt, or other comfortable clothing. Every effort will be made to issue uniforms as quickly as possible upon your cadet’s arrival.