ROTC Staff


Emailing an employee:

If you know a staff member’s name and would like to reach him/her via e-mail, the following format can be used to do so:
“first initial, last name” followed by “”

Therefore, if the individual’s name were John Public, it would translate into:

Position Name
Professor of Military Science/MSIV LTC Gene Whitesides, USA
Senior Military Science Instructor/MSIV MSG John Cuevas, USA
Executive Officer CPT Dan Pliley
Training & Operations Officer/MSL III Mr. Chris Costello (PAARNG)
Recruiting & Operations Officer Mr. Richard Blanton
Training NCO/MSIII SFC Johnie Dodd, USA
Training & Operations Officer/MSII CPT Sean Lehman, USA
Training & Operations Officer/MSII CPT Kapono Aki, USA
On Campus PAARNG Recruiter SFC David Linsenbigler, PAARNG
MSI Instructor Mr. Jon Roberts
Supply Technician Mr. Jose Pittman
Admin NCOIC/MSI Instructor SFC Ralph Venisee
Human Resources Assistant Mr. Jay Courtney
Human Resources Assistant Mr. Earl Schultz