Record of Success

Record of Success

If you scan the ranks of the nation’s top military leaders, you’ll discover that the majority attended United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy. And of those, several began just like you may – attending Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

2013 Academic Year Success: It is our pleasure to announce, for the third year in a row, Valley Forge Military College has attained a 100% placement rate with the sponsored Service Academy Preparatory students.  Each student has received a letter of appointment to their sponsoring service academy. In addition to the sponsored students, Valley Forge placed two international students, and two self-declared prepsters at the service academy of their choice.

In the average year, over a dozen graduates of the Service Academy Preparatory Program are accepted by one of the nation’s service academies. Once there, the specialized training they receive at VFMC places them in good stead, with many acquitting themselves admirably both at the service academies and in their subsequent military careers.

The annals of history are filled with patriots who began their march in service to country from Wayne, Pennsylvania. Among them:

Admiral Gary Roughead, U.S. Navy (VFMA ’68; USNA ’72) is the current Chief of Naval Operations, one of the most senior officers in our nation’s seagoing services. Brigadier General Michael S. Linnington, U.S. Army (VFMC ’76; USMA ’80) was the 71st Commandant of Cadets at West Point.

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