Former VFMC Prepster Testimonials 

I just wanted to let you know that everything is going great here at USAFA. I am sorry I was not in the picture that the other Prepsters sent you, but I was on the sideline at the time and could not hear my phone going off. Football is going well, I am hanging in there even though I am only at 4th string but there are only two freshmen so I will have my shot soon enough. Classes are just as hard as I expected but I am sure trying my best and VF really did benefit me in preparation for academics. I just wanted to let you know that everything is going great and to thank you once again for everything that you did for me to get me in the Academy. I would not be where I am today without all of the help you gave me.

Very Respectfully,
C4C Anthony D’Errico


Now that I’ve settled in I figured it’s probably a good time to drop you a line and let you know how things are going. I’m loving it here, even as a plebe with virtually no privileges. This is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it feels great to actually be here.

It was truly a big mental game, which is where spending a year at Valley Forge helped me exponentially. I had such a better grasp on what was going on mentally and was able to see a lot of the mind games that we were being put through. My year there also helped me prepare for the sleep deprivation. I got much less sleep at VF, this almost seems easy. I also owe some of my athletic work ethic to Valley Forge, between balancing everything and still training for my half marathon last year I have gained the confidence and fortitude to train for a full marathon with the Marathon Team here.

Academics are definitely harder here, but my teachers last year definitely helped. Dr. Zegarski and Dr. Murray helped my abilities as well as my confidence is some of the rough courses here. Also, from your constant lectures on EI and approaching teachers when you need help made me go straight for help when I’ve though I’ve needed it. I also hardly ever study in my room; I often head to the library, which I can also give credit to your guidance. Shane and Marcus are also doing well. They have both found their niches just like I have. We usually try to spend our weekends together.

I hear from my friends who are still there that you have a lot of Prepsters on your hands this year. If any of them have any questions, concerns or just want someone who’s been through plebe system and a year there already, please tell them to get in touch with me. I would be more than happy to talk to them whenever they get email privileges back.

Overall, Valley Forge taught me more than how to shine shoes, wear a uniform every day or live away from home. It taught me to be mentally sharp, take care of your closest friends, how to listen and how to talk and how to tolerate what you don’t like doing. These things didn’t only help me get through plebe summer, but I’m sure they will stay with me for the next four and a half years as well as through my service. Thank you for all your help and if there’s any way I can help out the group this year, please let me know.

Very Respectfully,


Things are going great for the most part. I am very busy all the time which I expected and I feel very much prepared for. Just about every day I look back and think about how well prepared I was coming into the Academy because of my year at VFMC and I have heard Mr. Poremski and Mr. Rohlfing say the same.

We took a lot of things from the SAP program over to the Academy such as being disciplined enough to wake up at 0445 to finish a paper, staying physically fit, and putting in the 8-10 hours of studying on the weekend. We are very grateful and owe a lot of thanks to you sir for preparing us so well for this year. The Academy is everything I thought it would be, challenging morally, mentally, and physically.

Plebe summer went by faster than I thought it would. Miss Blackburn and I were actually in the same Plebe summer company and to no surprise she performed very well, often out performing a lot of males in the company. It is almost every day I run into Mr. Poremski, Mr. Rohlfing, and Miss Blackburn and everybody seems to be doing great. I have also run into several other prior VF students around the yard and it is great to talk about past experiences. I ran into Coach Meade during plebe summer at a sports brief and he sends his best to you and CDR Donnelly.

I am currently on the Div-II Rugby team and I am having a blast with it. Athletics is definitely a great way to vent after a day full of classes and random things going on in the Hall. Like they say, the days are long but the weeks are short and I have become a firm believer in that.

Take care and GO NAVY!
-MIDN 4/C Bowling


I have attached a picture of the VFMC Prepsters from parent’s weekend from early September. Everyone is in it except C4C D’Errico. I hope you like it. I’m really excited for PT on Friday as well. See you soon.

Thank you,

Very Respectfully,
Cadet Fourth Class Candita Curcio
Cadet Squadron-10
United States Air Force Academy


I wanted to write and let you know how I am doing since Beast is now over and I will be accepted into the Corps of Cadets tomorrow at noon. CBT was in some ways very much what I expected, but there were definitely lots of surprises. We were the first class at West Point to have a lot of new elements introduced to CBT including a greater focus on land navigation and first aid training. We were also incredibly well funded this year with brand new load bearing equipment, M4 rifles, and even pay increases!

Training was difficult, but also enjoyable. I ran every other morning with black group which was the fastest run group. I attribute that to the many painful mornings out on the track with all the other Prepsters last year. We also conducted serious live fire battle drills and were even airlifted to our final event at Lake Fredrick in UH-60 Blackhawks.

I’m very glad that I had Valley Forge and the Prepster program under my belt before I came here, and I feel that I learned two very important lessons there that prepared me for here. First, is PT. Working out very hard, and especially waking up early to do it, made morning PT here much easier and I felt that I was well above most of my classmates. I also learned something about flexibility which may have been more due to the lack of resources that Valley Forge had in comparison to West Point. Many of my classmates were complacent when the dread FRAGOS were issued or when we did not always have proper equipment. Having more experience with these circumstances made these events less disappointing to me. Looking back on CBT, I feel that if anyone with a sincere desire to be here can master those two lessons they will be set up for success at least in the beginning.

I’m very happy to be here and proud of what I have done so far. Thank you for all of your help last year; it truly made a difference in my life. For the future Prepsters that come your way, please know that I would be more than happy to help in any way I can. If they’d like an email contact this address works best for me. I think the hardest part of Valley Forge for me was in the beginning when I was wondering whether it was worth going through all the trouble when I wasn’t even sure I’d get in. If I had to tell future Prepsters one thing, I would tell them the worst part comes in the beginning and that it’s all very much worth the effort when you’re at the stage I am at now.

Thank you again for everything. Have a great year!

Very Respectfully,
Cadet Robert Hansen
Company B-2 USCCUSMA Class of 2013


Now that I’ve completed Swab Summer and have officially become a member of the Corps of Cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy, I would like to thank you for everything you have done to help me get here. My situation made it very difficult to receive an appointment, but you advised me to follow the correct procedure and it ended up working out in the end.

On another note, if it would benefit Valley Forge at all, I would be more than happy to make a visit to tell the cadets about the Coast Guard Academy.

Very Respectfully,
VFMC Prepster at the USGCA

Just thought that I would write you a quick email to let you know that myself and the rest of the AOGs made it through Beast Barracks with flying colors. USMA is great and we all enjoy it. We were all able to run into each other throughout CBT. Unfortunately none of us are in the same companies for the academic year, while CDTs Hansen and Baumgarten are a floor apart.

You can tell future Prepsters that the extra year was BY FAR worth it. I for one can tell you that a year of acclimatizing to college and cadet life did wonders for myself during CBT. It was a great advantage to have going into it. And for those freezing misery winter PT sessions, the ones here felt like a breeze.

CDT Schuyler VanBuren
USMA ’13