graduated VFMAC in May of 09′ with a Commission in the Ohio Army National Guard.

While at Valley Forge, the training and the Cadre were second to none. Although a small community, the one at Valley Forge is tight knit and the comrades you make while there will be your ‘Battles’ for life. I am currently down at Fort Benning, GA attending IBOLC with two good friends of mine whom I commissioned with two and a half years ago (LT. Sexton and LT. FRY). I would highly recommend Valley Forge to anyone who were looking to get a leg in the door towards a great career.

-LT Patrick Fineran ’09C


We are writing to express our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Valley Forge. Our son is graduating in three weeks. It is hard to believe that just two years ago on a very hot August day we left him after in-processing wondering if he would survive plebe training and receive his cap shield. So much has transpired since then. We left a son barely 18, just three months out of high school. Much time past between his visits home but with each one we were amazed at the growth and maturity that had taken place. He was taller, stronger, and more self-confident and was embracing the mission of the college.

He is now a leader in the regimental band as the 1st Lt. One Sunday as the band lead the Corps onto the parade field and his name was announced we had a sense of pride and accomplishment that left a teary eye. We had just left the chapel service with all its pomp and circumstance that leaves one with a sense of pride in being an American. The sun was shining and the campus was bathed in its spring glory. The Sunday chapel speaker had inspired us all and we noticed that our son wanted to keep his own copy of the bulletin. We are grateful that there is an institution that values those things we as parents tried to instill in our children.

We are deeply indebted to many people at The Forge but especially Bandmaster WO2 Phil Evans; Master Sergeant Gillyard and the Tac Officers of the band; Dr. W. Best, advisor; Lini Stevens, Director of Parent Relations and all of the wonderful teachers our son had. It is very apparent that Valley Forge has high expectations for its cadets, not only academically but morally as it enforces character development, personal motivation, leadership and physical development-the five capstones. Most importantly we were impressed that above all, personal responsibility is demanded every day. What better attribute can our young cadets take with them as they leave and go into the work force, the military, or to four-year institutions.

We will miss our trips to Valley Forge but leave knowing that our son and we chose the finest school to spend the first two years of college. We are proud of what he accomplished, how far he came from that hot August day, and know that he will look back years from now and say that he is proud to be an alumnus of Valley Forge.

Dr. and Mrs. Jose Hernandez
Parents of 1st Lt. Joseph Hernandez, Band


Today [March 24] is our son [First Captain] Kevin’s 20th birthday and we wanted to express to everyone at VF how grateful we are to all the wonderful people at VF who have taught, mentored, raised, and influenced Kevin these past six years.

We sent him to Valley Forge a good boy of 14 and today he is a fine and excellent man of 20 years that has honor and the best character.

Words cannot express how proud we are of our son, and how grateful we are to Valley Forge.

Please forward this email to the BOT and all your staff because they have all had a part in contributing to the education of our son these past six years and we want them all to know how truly grateful we are and we wish them all to know that the best efforts of the employees at VF do work!

Our son is living proof that when a cadet chooses to follow the guidance of the principles of VF, a good boy/young man will always become an excellent leader with honor and courage of conviction to always do the right thing.

Thank you all for your dedication to the cadets of Valley Forge. The work you all do is important and much appreciated.

With sincerest gratitude,

Marty and Tess Lanum, and Larry Fulmer
Parents of First Captain Kevin J. Fulmer ’08C