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Honor, discipline and teamwork benefit all our co-ed students no matter what path they choose after attending Valley Forge Military College.

College Academics

Programs of Study

Our military tradition benefits all students: those who go on to officer training and those who choose to pursue other paths. A study by Korn/Ferry International shows that the leadership skills learned in military training enhance success in corporate life – which may be why many of our graduates go on to captain their own businesses. Whatever your goal, VFMC has academic programs that will help you get there.

The Academic Program at VFMC leads to an Associate of Arts, an Associate of Science, or an Associate in Business Administration degree. The strong core curriculum, developed on the basis of careful analysis of the general education requirements of competitive colleges and universities, is the heart of the degree programs. Together with the courses require in the academic fields of study, the core programs provide the foundation for successful transfer to a four-year college and long-term academic success.

Associate in Business Administration

The Associate in Business Administration program offers a rigorous academic curriculum geared to fulfill all the requirements of the Associate of Arts degree while positioning the student for a major in Business at VFMC and subsequent transfer to a four-year institution, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. The goal of the program is to expose the student to the theories and principles underlying various business disciplines such that the student may better assess their interests and aptitude for this particular area of study. The theory is further enhanced using applications to real life and business experience in the business arena and current events.

Upon completion of the program the student should be well-positioned to transfer into a four-year institution to major in: Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, International Business, Finance or Marketing.

Required Courses & Curriculum for Business Administration
AC 201 Financial Accounting
AC 202 Managerial Accounting
BU 110 Principles of Management
BU 115 Business Communications
BU 150 Introduction to Global Business
BU 204 Business Law & Ethics
EC 110 Microeconomics
EC 111 Macroeconomics
MA 113 Principles of Statistics
Math Any math above MA 100
(AACSB transfer institute candidates must complete through Calc I)
Foreign Language Two semesters in one language

Plus the Academic Core Curriculum Requirements

Associate of Arts in Justice and Security Studies

The Associate of Arts in Justice and Security Studies program provides students with a comprehensive background in local, state, national, and international security considerations.  With an emphasis on both theoretical perspectives and practical concerns, the VFMC Justice and Security Studies program develops an interdisciplinary understanding of the fundamentals of security whether in law enforcement, information security, or national and global security.  The concentrations allow students to tailor their course of study to individual interests while maintaining transferability to four-year institutions.

Students who complete the program will be prepared to enter the workforce as a low-level security professional, or are able to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program.  Possible careers with this degree include business intelligence analyst, intelligence analyst, law enforcement officer, military professional, emergency management personnel as well as any security-related position that requires research and analysis.

Required Courses & Curriculum for Justice and Security Studies
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 225 Incident Command
IN 200 Research Methods
MA 112 Statistics
Language Two semesters in same language

Plus choose one track:

Program Track: Criminal Justice

CJ 204 Criminal Law and Procedure
CJ 205 Criminal Investigation
CJ 220 Criminology
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
SO 201 Multiculutralism

Program Track: Security Studies

CS 110 Introduction to Computers
SE 101 Introduction to national Security
SE 110 Global Conflict
SE 210 Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
HI 105 or HI 106 World Civilization I (HI 105) or World Civilization II (HI 106)

Choose two Security Studies Track electives from list below:

PS 101 American Government
PS 102 International Relations
History Any 200 level History course

Track requirements are in addition to Academic Core Curriculum requirements.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts program offers students the opportunity to explore an array of disciplinary fields that provide a solid foundation in Liberal Studies. This program includes courses that span the disciplines of Humanities, History, and Political Science, preparing students to continue their academic and career interests in a wide range of fields that include law, medicine, education, international relations, human services, literature and cultures, diplomacy and administration. As they pursue the broad-based educational foundation afforded by the VFMC Liberal Arts program, students develop analytical training, communicative skills and a sound disciplinary foundation, which will allow them to evaluate issues and formulate collaborative and practical solutions to the complex and challenging problems of interaction in human society and to prepare them to take their places as citizen leaders in an increasingly global society.

Required Courses & Curriculum for Liberal Arts
CM 120 Public Speaking
IN 200 Research Methods
LT 103 Introduction to Literature
Foreign Language Two semesters of same language
History Any 100 Level History course
PS 120 History of Political Thought

Choose One Track:

History Track – Required Courses (Choose 3):

HI 103 American Experience I
HI 104 American Experience II
HI 105 World Civilization I
HI 106 World Civilization II
SE 110 Global Conflict
History A 200 Level History Course
Language A 200 Level Language Course

Political Science Track – Required Courses:

PS 101 American Government
PS 102 International Relations
SE 110 Global Conflict
PS 200 Comparative Politics
Language A 200 Level Language Course

Humanities Track – Required Courses (Choose 3):

EN 207 Creative Writing
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
SO 110 Multiculturalism
SO 120 Cultural Anthropology
Fine Arts Any Fine Arts Course
Language A 200 Level Course
Literature A 200 Level Course

Plus Academic Core Curriculum

Health & Biological Sciences

The Associate of Science in Health Sciences Program at VFMC provides students with the opportunity to take courses leading to a variety of health sciences majors and career fields. Studying the Health and Biological Sciences program at VFMC prepares students to continue their academic and career interests in specialized fields including Biology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Required Courses & Curriculum for Health Sciences
BI 101 Principles of Biology I
BI 215 Anatomy and Physiology I
BI 216 Anatomy and Physiology II
CH 103 Principles of Chemistry I
MA 101 College Algebra
MA 113 Principles of Statistics

Program Electives

(Choose 3 courses from the following):

BI 102 Principles of Biology II
BI 235 Microbiology
CH 104 Principles of Chemistry II
CH 107 General, Organic and Bio Chemistry
NU 210 Contemporary Nutrition
PH 120 General Physics I
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
MA 104 Calculus I

And the Academic Core Curriculum requirements

Physical Sciences

The Associate of Science in Physical Sciences program provides students with a solid foundation in the scientific method and knowledge of the principles that govern the workings of the physical world. Students in this program can choose one of two tracks based on their interest: research in Physics, Bio-Physics, Geophysics, Industrial Tech, or Pre-Engineering.

The pre-engineering track is structured for those students planning to transfer into an engineering program and requires students to take specific courses in calculus and engineering statics.

Required Courses & Curriculum for Physical Sciences
CH 103 Principles of Chemistry I
CH 104 Principles of Chemistry II
PH 201 Physics I
PH 202 Physics II
MA 104 Calculus I
MA 201 Calculus II

Program Electives:

(Choose three courses of the following):

BI 101 Principles of Biology
ER 101 Introduction to Engineering
ER 201 Statics
EV 101 Environmental Science
MA 113 Principles of Statistics

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