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For Returning Students

Returning Students

We hope you are enjoying the summer and look forward to welcoming you back on campus in the fall. Before returning and receiving a room assignment for the next year, all continuing students must register for class. To expedite your move-in, complete and submit all applicable financial aid paperwork, outstanding tuition payments, and necessary medical forms. Move-in dates can be found below.

Register for Class

If you did not register for class during continuing student registration, you can register online via the e-student portal:

How to Register:

Billing and Payment Contract

View Your Class Schedule Online

Once you have registered for the term, you can access your student schedule, here’s how:

Order your Textbooks

Books may also be available and ordered via other websites such as,, among others. When ordering books, please order by the ISBN indicated to ensure you have the correct edition.

Complete your Financial Aid Paperwork

Complete Mandatory Medical Paperwork

Information Technology

All students are required to own a laptop. Most current production laptops in the market will meet our requirements, however we encourage you to review our Academic Student Computer Standards, which will provide you details on recommended system specifications and standards while attending Valley Forge Military Academy & College.

Remember to complete your paperwork prior to your arrival and we will be able to expedite your move-in. Failure to do so will result in significant delays.

College Move-In and Arrival Dates

Please follow the dates and times below that pertain to you. Barracks assignments will be available via your e-student portal, and will also be e-mailed to you. We are currently working on assigning rooms for all registered fall students. Information below is currently tentative and subject to change, please check this site frequently for updates.

Sunday, August 7

Monday, August 8


Monday, August 15

Thursday, August 25

Bring your Uniforms and Basic Issue Items

Reminder: you must return to Valley Forge with the prior year’s basic issue clothing items that you were issued at both the Cadet Store and Press Shop. Upon returning to Valley Forge these items will be inventoried by a member of the TAC Officer team. Basic clothing issue items that cadets have worn out or outgrown will be replaced. Cadets must replace lost items or items that have become unserviceable due to negligence or abuse.

Parents Association

2016-17 Parents Association Membership Form