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Character Development Program

At Valley Forge, we are dedicated to the moral and character development of our young cadets.

Through our Character Development Program, we seek to educate the cadets to be ethically minded citizen leaders of character.  We strive to teach them to live in today’s changing world while adhering to those changeless values that develop moral strength leading to honorable living.  The tenets of the Honor Code and System are reinforced in training.  The Chain of Command is fully versed in the Honor Code and System and is prepared to teach its subordinates as well as ensure that they adhere to the stated policies of this cadet-owned and cadet-run system.

The Character Development Program is built upon a foundation of Honor and each month a different Honor Trait is emphasized.  Honesty, Trustworthiness, Respect, Service, Courage, Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Caring and Perseverance are examples of monthly virtues.  Character Development also occurs in the classroom and in the cadet company.  In preparing their course curriculum, instructors integrate character education into their academic disciplines and they lead their classes through a discussion of the Character Education Virtue at least once a month. This “hands on” approach enables cadets to participate in developing their own value system for handling challenging moral situations.  The expectation is that the cadet will develop a process of thinking in order to make intelligent and responsible moral decisions.  Such active involvement helps the cadets develop a deeper understanding of their moral obligations and encourages them in the words of the Cadet Resolution, to “aspire to a life of honorable service.”