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New Cadet Orientation

New Student Orientation is a key component of the First Year Experience at Valley Forge Military College and is a collaborative effort designed to in-process, introduce, and welcome new students and their families to the Valley Forge community.

The ultimate goal of NSO is to facilitate a successful transition to the first year of college, improving academic and tactical success and student retention.


  1. Introduce and welcome students and their families into the intellectual, tactical, and institutional communities
  2. Teach cadets to embrace the uniqueness of VFMC
  3. Foster a better understanding of academic and tactical programs
  4. Help students and families identify behaviors, resources, and support that lead to success at VFMC
  5. Create an understanding of what student life has to offer college cadets: student leadership, clubs, band, sports, activities, etc.
  6. Cultivate a sense of community between new and returning students, faculty, and staff