Summer / Winter Courses

Winter Session

Stay on course to graduation

Valley Forge Military College Winter Sessions provide students with the opportunity to stay on course to graduation by earning credits online. With courses in December and January, coupled with complete online delivery, you can complete a gen-ed requirement, a course toward your major, focus on a challenging course, and enjoy all that winter has to offer.

Registration is open.

We want you to succeed. Remember, online courses are the same as face-to-face courses. Online courses are just as rigorous, and at times more so. Only the delivery is different. In order to succeed as an online student, you must be disciplined, self-motivated, and have strong time management skills.

All courses are delivered asynchronously to provide our students flexibility and convenience. In order to ensure your experience with VFMC Winter Sessions is successful, we take a partnership approach. We expect students to have basic computer skills, to participate in threaded discussions, to adhere to due dates and to have consistent interaction with professors and classmates. Valley Forge Military College teachers and faculty will provide students with clearly stated goals and course material as well as support services and regular feedback. To learn more about our standards of excellence for our online learning, see our Online Course Standards.

We invite you to learn more about our convenient and flexible online winter courses.