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Mission & Military Model


At Valley Forge, we believe in more. Our philosophy is refreshingly different: academic accomplishment is merely the first building block of a strong education. Since 1928, a Valley Forge education has been built around subjects most schools have forgotten to address – character development, personal motivation and leadership – the very skills students need to rise to the top of whatever field they choose to pursue.

Cadets are trained to be leaders in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in life at Valley Forge

Our goal is to empower cadets to thrive in an environment that demands standards of conduct, ethical behavior, integrity, spiritual values, community service and competition. Within a low-risk, supportive and caring environment, cadets are encouraged to set goals and strive for excellence, while developing leadership skills and a sense of individual responsibility.

Valley Forge Military College Mission Statement (2010)

The mission of Valley Forge Military College is to educate students within an academic and military environment to transfer to academically competitive four-year colleges, universities, or service academies. The College builds leaders of character – for the future, for the community, for the country, for the world.

Military Model

The VFMC “military model” is, at its core, a structured and disciplined way of carrying out the education and development of students. Our students learn to manage their academics, leadership responsibilities, personal motivation, physical development, and learn character traits through the understanding that life is a constant balancing act, and the military model helps them to prioritize appropriately. It helps teach our students to manage their time, think critically, balance their responsibilities, and develop life skills that will propel them ahead of their peers.