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Service Academy Preparatory Program Details

The Valley Forge Military College Service Academy Preparatory Program (SAP) is about you and your desire to serve the nation. It is not an easy program, and the fact it is not easy is by design. The nation needs, and the academies expect, young people ready to answer the nation’s call and, if need be, serve in harm’s way defending our national interests at home or abroad.

VFMC’s SAP program is guided by each academy’s particular need. VFMC works closely with each federal academy and visits them yearly. We know what is expected at West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs, New London or Kings Point. The personalization of the curriculum ensures you will be prepared for your rigorous academic, physical fitness, moral-ethical issues, and leadership challenges that await you at the academy of your choice. Do well at Valley Forge and you are on your way!

All cadets enrolled in the SAP program are assigned a challenging core curriculum much like those taught at the academies. In fact when Desert Storm hero General H. Norman Schwarzkopf attended VFMA&C he enrolled in course entitled “West Point Math” and “West Point English” and those prepared him well for time as a Black Knight on the Hudson.

You will take an English and mathematics placement test designed to position you in the correct environment in preparation for your follow-on studies. You will be required to take either Army or Air Force ROTC while enrolled at VFMC for your Prepster year. Time is allotted, and you are encouraged, to engage in testing orientation and preparation designed to enhance your test scores, if need be. A most aggressive physical fitness regime improves physical aptitude scores. An Academic Advisor who understands the high standards required by all of the service academies guides you. Instructors all realize your goal and are sensitive to assisting you as you hone in on an appointment or placement into the service of your choice. Representatives from the Service Academies often visit VFMC offering guidance and insight into academy life. You are encouraged to participate in the VF athletic programs should you so desire. The Commandant of Cadets welcomes those who prove themselves as leaders to become part of the leadership within the Corps of Cadets.

The Director of the VF SAP program, will take a keen personal interest in you as a leader and future junior officer, challenging you constantly to ensure you are ready for the service academy and beyond.