ELLSP Curriculum – Intermediate

200 Level: Intermediate

The 200-Level Intermediate Track is designed for student making the transition from basic to independent user of English. It provides an intensive course of English language training through three distinct core-skills courses:

1)     Speaking and Listening

This class will focus on listening and speaking for effective communication in English. Students will engage in conversation practice with many structured and communicative activities, work on pronunciation and intonation, learn to recognize and produce high-frequency idioms and expressions, and create formal class presentations. Students will have ample opportunity to develop listening and speaking skills in English and confidence with public speaking.

2)    Reading and Vocabulary Development:

This class will focus on the reading skills to improve comprehension by building vocabulary, learning to find the main idea, making inferences, determining cause and effect, scanning, summarizing, paraphrasing, and using context to understand difficult vocabulary items. Students will develop the critical reading skills they will need for academic purposes. Videos will supplement reading passages to expand students’ own ideas and opinions connected to the readings.

3)    Composition Practice:

      This class is designed to provide students with the necessary writing skills for effective written communication. All four language skills are emphasized. Student will develop writing skills through a structured step-by-step process writing approach: exploring ideas, organizing ideas, developing grammatical structures, writing first draft, editing practice, and writing second draft. By the end of program, students are expected to write a descriptive writing with main idea and supporting details, three parts of a story with the beginning, middle, and ending, a comparison of two topics, and a research report with three paragraphs. On-line activities will be added to encourage students to use the Internet as resource for their writing.

200 Level Intermediate Electives:

1)     Leadership Training

The goal of the leadership training course is for students to develop an awareness of their leadership potential and learn the necessary skills and process that will enable them to participate in life-long leadership to meet the challenges in their personal life, educational career, and in a global society. Topics include: leadership attitude, traits of leader, leadership models, goal setting, knowledge of self and others, positive communication skills, cultural competence, and character development.  Student will learn leadership theory in the classroom, and participate in projects and team-building activities outside the classroom to apply their leadership skills. The leadership course is designed for 200 and 300 level students.

1)     Gateway to Science

This class is designed to introduce students to content-area knowledge and skills needed to meet the requirements of science programs. The four major areas are: Science Basics, Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

2)    Reading Enrichment

Students can choose fiction, non-fiction, classics, biography, academic content based on their levels to expand reading skills as well to explore American culture and history.

3)    Learning English through lyric, movie and game: 

Students will have fun to enhance their listening comprehension, vocabularies, and phonetics through singing English songs, watching movies and playing games