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One of the great strengths of Valley Forge Military Academy & College, is the incredible diversity of the student body.

Students from around the world, representing over 30 nations, attend Valley Forge in preparation for success in life. Students at Valley Forge come from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds and each individual is supported in their spiritual development within those traditions. Valley Forge is simply the most diverse school of its size in America.

International students at Valley Forge have an abundance of resources available to them. From immersion in the American culture, to the individualized attention each international student receives from the dedicated staff and faculty, and the English as a Second Language program, the opportunities are endless.

In a world which is increasingly economically interconnected, there is no better way to build relationships with future leaders. Students from Gabon may room with a student from the Dominican Republic. A student from Bahrain may room with a student from Kansas. Each grows to appreciate the other and forms bonds which can last a lifetime.

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English Language & Leadership Summer Program

The Valley Forge English Language & Leadership Summer Program is a five-week college preparatory summer program required for all new international students, designed for international English language students to gain academic English language skills, leadership skills, and cultural competency necessary for success in the American classroom and in meeting personal and educational goals. The program includes 100 hours of language instruction, practical and theoretical leadership training, experiential learning trips, as well as cultural immersion and exploration.

Program Features:

Academic English Language Training

Students will prepare for the upcoming academic year with English language instruction that will focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students will take a placement exam to determine the course level that will best support their needs. Courses focus on language found in a variety of academic and cultural contexts to prepare students for the subjects they will encounter in the American classroom.

Leadership Training

Students will participate in leadership training based on the Five Cornerstones upon which Valley Forge has built an international reputation: Leadership, Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development and Physical Development. The goal of the leadership training is for students to develop an awareness of their leadership potential and learn the necessary skills and processes that will enable them to act responsibly, succeed academically, and meet the challenges in their personal and academic lives.

American Culture and Recreation

Students will venture into the community on organized experiential learning trips to complete academic, leadership, and cultural projects and to enjoy all the Philadelphia area has to offer. Students will visit historic sites, parks, and museums, attend sporting events, participate in recreational activities, and experience American culture.

Program Details

Ages:  Grades 7-12; College freshmen and sophomores, co-ed
Arrival Date: July 23 – 9am – Noon.
Costs: $8,880 USD (includes tuition, room & board, health insurance, books, trips, and activities)
Application:ELL Summer Program Enrollment Form (pdf)
Application:: ELL Enrollment form Students Attending Summer ELL and VFMAC (pdf)
Our printable Information Sheet (pdf)