Release of Academic Records and Ferpa

Release of Academic Records and FERPA


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The Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act, known as FERPA, governs the privacy of educational records. Under FERPA, rights of confidentiality transfer to the student at 18 years of age, or upon attendance of their first day of attendance in post-secondary educational classes, whichever comes first. Once a student assumes confidentiality rights, academic records, billing and financial records, can be seen by a student, and College personnel are allowed to discuss such matters only with the student.

Information can be released to someone other than the student, only by written permission of the student, by signing a FERPA waiver. The FERPA waiver provides the College with written authorization from the student and indicates the individuals permitted to access their educational records.

  • At VFMC, a student is offered the option to sign a FERPA waiver at the beginning of each academic year. If the student permits access by individuals other than themselves, those individuals and their relationship to the student are indicated on the waiver.
  • The student provides a password, indicated on the waiver, to the individuals, to whom access to records may have been granted. The individual must provide the password before any info can be released, in any format.
  • The password provided must be obtained by the student.
  • The password is the only means of verification to identify the caller as the individual indicated on the waiver.

There may be instances in which as guardian or parent, will need information regarding student’s enrollment.