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VFMA announces the Center for College Preparedness

Valley Forge Military Academy & College is pleased to announce the launch of the new VFMA&C Center for College Preparedness beginning in Summer 2013.

The VFMA&C Center for College Preparedness is an academic post-graduate program designed to support recent high school graduates as they prepare for their first year at college. Our 12-month program will enable them to sharpen their study skills, learn to balance their workloads, and guide them towards transfer into their college or university of their choice. 

The academic program will be individually tailored to each student who enrolls, through a combination of College, College Preparatory (high school), Advanced Placement, and Academic Skills courses, along with College placement support for those students who are seeking to insure success at college, or admission to a “reach” college or university. 

“Telling a student to “just study harder” is not always the right answer for some students who are preparing to enter college after completing high school,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Brown, Headmaster for Valley Forge Military Academy. “That is why we have developed a program where we will teach students how to study smarter, to be more prepared, to balance their workload, and to improve their academic performance. We can all agree that the transition from high school to college is a challenging one, but we are here to help them be more successful.”

For over 85 years, Valley Forge Military Academy & College has taught tens of thousands of successful graduates to strike the right balance between their academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, evening study time, and their day-to-day responsibilities.  Valley Forge Military Academy & College is unique in that we offer both a high school and a college on the same campus in Wayne, Pennsylvania. As students improve their academics at the high school level, they will be able to begin their transition to college by earning credits for college courses, taken at Valley Forge Military College. The courses offered by our College are designed to satisfy requirements to colleges and universities across the country, and will be easily transferred upon completion with passing grades.