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Key Staff & Departments

VFMA&C Main Telephone: 610-989-1200
VFMA&C Toll Free Telephone: 1-800-234-8362
VFMA&C Main Fax: 610-688-1545

How to call Staff & Faculty:

Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers begin with 610-989-XXXX. Add the 4-digit extension, listed by department, for the person you wish to reach.

How to email Staff & Faculty:

If you know a staff member’s name and would like to reach him/her via e-mail, the following format can be used to do so:
“first initial, last name” followed by “”. Therefore, if the individual’s name were John Public, it would translate into: “”

Mailing Address:

Valley Forge Military Academy & College
1001 Eagle Road
Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087



Phone Ext.

President, Valley Forge Military Academy & College Dr. Stacey R. Sauchuk 1203
Commandant of Cadets COL William J. Gallagher USA (Ret.) 1256
Dean, Valley Forge Military College COL William J. Gallagher USA (Ret.) 1450
Dean, Valley Forge Military Academy Mrs. Sandra Young 1360
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer Mr. Vincent Vuono 1232
Vice President, Enrollment Management & Marketing Mr. Jamieson Bilella 1206
Vice President, Institutional Advancement Mr. Douglas Hasbrouck 1342
Vice President, Operations COL Bryan Geiling ’94 / ’96C 1353
Adjutant COL Kenneth Seitz, VFMAC 1254
Director of Admissions Ms. Kristen Rose 1301
Director of Alumni Relations Mr. Thomas Goldblum ’69 1329
Director of International Student Development Dr. George E. Anderson III, Ph.D. 1302
Dean of Cadets, Valley Forge Military Academy Mr. Aaron Barkley 1382
Director of Development Ms. Anna Lewicky 1330
Dean of Academic Services / Chief Academic Officer COL Nan Hood 1456
Bandmaster / Director of Music WO2 Phil Evans, RM (Ret.) 1252
Bursar / Cadet Accounts Manager Mr. Stephen Berezansky 1236
Cadet Store Mr. Josh Konoza 1540
Chaplain, Director of Character Education CAPT Gerald Hale, USCG (Ret.) 1506
Controller Mr. Chuck Steinmetz 1229
Dean of Student Services, VFMC Col Todd M. Zachary, USAF (Ret.) 1257
Director of Athletics Mr. Rich Casey 1491
Director of Choir Mr. Harry Sokol 1252
Director of the Counseling Center  Ms. Kruti Quazi 1225
Director of Academy Guidance Ms. Megan Sullivan 1384
Director of Health Service Ms. Debbie Hammer 1521
Director of Horsemanship Ms. Sara Palmer 1502
Director of Human Resources Ms. Marianne Meade 1240
Director of Information Technology Mr. Michael G. Brock 1246
Director of Library Services LTC Jean Smith 1364
Director of Parent Relations Mrs. Lini Stevens 1328
Director of Development Ms. Anna Lewicky 1330
Director of Special Events Ms. Jessica Sekerak
Mr. Kavon Sengsourysack
Director of Student Activities Ms. Lauren Wochok 1262
Director of Summer Camps Ms. Elizabeth Wahlberg 1253
Professor of Military Sciences (SROTC) LTC David Key 1440
Senior Director of Financial Aid TBA 1300


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