Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Academics & Cadet Life

High achieving cadets can even earn college credit by enrolling in courses at Valley Forge Military College, also on campus, at no additional charge.

A Solid Academic Foundation.

Best In Class.

The education at Valley Forge Military Academy is comprehensive– encompassing a challenging curriculum, leadership opportunities, character development, athletic competition, physical fitness, extracurricular activities and social interaction with a diverse group of peers.

COVID Considerations

A hallmark of the Valley Forge Academic’s is the small classroom and personal support for all of our students. Due to the worldwide health crisis, one of the steps we are taking to help our cadets is that during the evening study hall, faculty will be available though Google Hangouts for academic support.

Dual Enrollment at Valley Forge Military College

The Academy and College are working together on innovative cooperative programs to move past high school Advanced Placement (AP) courses to a Dual Enrollment program as a better path to college.  Unlike AP courses, the dual enrollment program introduces high school cadets to the rigors of college coursework early and allows them to graduate with both a diploma and a college transcript. This program is offered to qualified cadets at no additional charge.

Faculty Members Take an Active Interest in Every Student

A challenging curriculum, dedicated faculty, small classes and individual attention provide cadets an intense individualized learning experience. Academy teachers are selected not just for their professional credentials but for their tireless dedication. They supervise and assist students in their mandatory evening study periods and work overtime as athletic coaches and advisers of extracurricular activities.

In short, they care.

Cadet Resources

For Current Cadets

College Planning WorkBook
Seminar Summary
Links to Service Academy/ROTC Information (PDF)
Links to College Information (PDF)
The college application process is managed electronically through Naviance. Current cadets needing to request their academic transcripts should make the request via Naviance. Click here to login to Naviance.

For Former Cadets/Alumni

Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Academic Support Available for Our Students

Academic Support Period

Academic Support Periods, scheduled during every school day, offer an additional opportunity for Cadets to work closely with their teachers. Cadets are able to get further insight on lessons and/or catch up on assignments if necessary.

Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU)

The DCIU provides a Reading and Math Specialists to work closely with Cadets who demonstrate a need for additional support in these areas.

Graduation Requirements

To qualify for graduation from Valley Forge Military Academy and earn the diploma, cadets must earn a minimum of 22 academic credits and complete the following graduation requirements. In addition, cadets are required to complete the Information Literacy Series through the Research Ready program for each year in residency. One credit is given for each year-long course and one-half credit for a semester course.

Cadets must satisfactorily complete courses in:

  • English: 4.0 credits
  • Mathematics: 4.0 credits
  • Social Studies: 4.0 credits (One year each of Ancient World History, Modern World History, United States History, and an elective)
  • Science: 4.0 credits (One year each of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and an elective)
  • World Language: 2.0 credits (Two consecutive years of one language, three or more are recommended)
  • Physical Education: 2.0 credits
  • Health: 0.5 credits
  • Electives: 3.5 credits minimum

The Corps of Cadets

The structure of cadet life is governed by the Corps of Cadets, a cadet-led system which administers the implementation of rules, traditions and many activities. The Corps follows a military structure, headed by a Commandant of Cadets, and with a Chain of Command through which the delegation of authority descends. This system provides cadets with countless opportunities to experience both leading and following well, in the context of their peers.

Plebe System

To become a recognized member of the Corps of Cadets, one must successfully complete a period of training known as the “Plebe System.” The Plebe System is designed to orient new VFMAC students with our cadet-led community and our customs and traditions. It is a period of adjustment that every cadet who attends Valley Forge undertakes. It is a time honored “rite of passage” that binds all those who attended Valley Forge in a common bond of brotherhood.

This process determines that each has the requisite skills, traits, and attributes to achieve success in all programs at Valley Forge. The process of overcoming challenges-whether it’s a difficult exam or an obstacle course-is deeply rewarding, even exhilarating. And facing these challenges together alongside other cadets is how deep, lasting friendships are forged.

Cadet Life

Within the structure of the Corps of Cadets, there are many programs to make cadet life rich and interesting. The Cadet Life Program assists cadets in developing the social and life skills that will help them throughout their lives. The program offers character, religious, social, and physical programs to assist the cadet’s development as a whole person. In addition to their regular academic schedules, cadets have access to numerous clubs, activities, and honor societies, providing further opportunities to develop and pursue personal interests.

Honor Code of Conduct

“A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” The Honor Code of Conduct permeates every aspect of cadet life. The Corps is the guardian of this Honor Code and helps administer its enforcement.

Community Service & Volunteer Programs

Academy and College cadets are engaged in a variety of projects and activities at schools, nursing homes, churches, and food banks where they can contribute to the betterment of the community.

Campus Life

Our dedicated staff, faculty, and TAC team (Teach, Advise, Counsel) is on hand to help with the development of each cadet, assisting with interpersonal communication, life skills and personal growth.

The best way to really understand what life is like at VFMAC is to speak with current and former cadets. Contact us today, and we will connect you with cadets who will share their personal experience with you.