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Valley Forge Military Academy has a long tradition of developing boys into young men of character, discipline and integrity.

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Watch this brief overview video to learn how your son can make his academic future a reality while learning skills he’ll use the rest his live.


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Thank you for your interest in Valley Forge Military Academy. We are an independent, college preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. Our rigorous curriculum and structure will help your son develop to his full potential. Please contact us if you have any questions about the school or our admissions process.


Gabby Jones

Name: Gabby Jones

Title: Financial Aid Coordinator / Academy Admissions Counselor

Contact Information


Phone Number:  610-989-1399

Started at VFMAC: 2020

William Mott
Garrison Sergeant Major

I served in the British Army for 37 years, culminating in the last 13 years serving in London as the Garrison Sergeant Major London District. In that post I was heavily involved planning and executing all ceremonial events, the likes of the Royal Wedding of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations, amongst many others and I retired and moved to Kentucky in 2015.

It was in 2018 when I was approached by VFMAC to come and join the staff here as a Lead TAC Officer, an appointment I found very rewarding, watching the young lads develop and mature in so many positive ways. This role I held for my first year. I was then asked to move into the HQ and work more closely with admissions in a Recruiting and Retention role. Visiting different Schools in various Counties and States.

However, I remain heavily involved with the day to day activities here at Valley Forge and I feel an enormous sense of pride being a part of the experiences each of our cadets live every day. Whilst they continue to become stronger, more confidant and develop into wonderful young men.

Name: William Mott

Title: Director of Academy Admissions

Contact Information


Phone Number:  610-989-1471

Anna Brennan
Director of Academy Admissions

Name: Anna Brennan

Title: Director of Academy Admissions

Contact Information


Phone Number:  610-989-1561

Education:  Albright College, Psychology

Started at VFMAC: 2018

Favorite thing about Valley Forge Military Academy?  Seeing our boys come to start their new journey and then watching them transform into young men.

Kerry Sethi
Director of International Admissions

Name: Kerri Sethi

Title: Director of Academy International Admissions

Contact Information


Phone Number:  610-989-1315

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