Play Hard. Play Hungry. Play Humble.

At Valley Forge all boys are encouraged to compete on the field – but this doesn’t mean they all get trophies – those are earned.

Academy Athletics

The goal of the Athletic Program at VFMA is for each cadet to receive a quality experience both in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits.

To ensure that each cadet-athlete reaches this goal, the Athletic Department is committed to the academic and financial requirements of our athletic programs by exercising well-founded institutional control. Cadets must be sound in both body and mind. VFMA integrates athletics, physical training, and a cadet’s personal fitness program to help students achieve fitness levels exceeding national norms. The program focuses on flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, and body composition. The physical conditioning program is designed to meet the individual needs of cadets, while placing emphasis on daily fitness and wellness as an important aspect of their future well-being and ability to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Interscholastic Athletics

The Academy offers the following sports as part of the athletic program for cadets in grades 9 through 12: football, soccer, cross-country, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, track & field, and baseball.



Post Concussion Home Instructions (PDF)


Academy 2018 Health Forms (PDF)

Winter Sports

Academy Basketball

2018-2019 Academy Basketball Schedule_as of 10.24.18

2018-2019 Academy Basketball Varsity Roster COMING SOON!

Academy Swimming

2018-2019 Academy Swim Schedule COMING SOON!

2018-2019 Academy Swim Roster COMING SOON!

Spring Sports

Academy Lacrosse

Head Coach: Brian Goettner


Academy Track & Field

Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA)

Valley Forge Military Academy is in District 1 of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, Inc. (PIAA)

The PIAA is a non-profit corporation and a voluntary membership organization. VFMA is among members made up of nearly all public junior high/middle and senior high schools, some Charter and Private junior high/middle Schools, and many Charter and Private senior high schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PIAA’s mission is to develop and enforce rules regulating interscholastic athletic competition, which are authorized or adopted by the member schools.

Athlete Eligibility For Prospective Students

Valley Forge Military Academy is a member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) which is the governing body of high school athletics in Pennsylvania.  As such VFMA is required to comply with the PIAA Constitution and its By-Laws. With this in mind, there are two PIAA by-laws that all prospective candidates for admission to VFMA and their parents must be aware of.

The first is Article I – Age: Section 1. Maximum Age Rule which reads as follows“A student shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition upon attaining the age of nineteen years with the following exception: If the age of 19 is attained on or after July 1, the student shall be eligible, age-wise, to compete through the school year.”

The second is Article VIII – Period of Participation: In summary, when a student athlete first enters ninth grade, a clock begins giving the student athlete four consecutive school years (eight semesters) of eligibility for participation in interscholastic athletics. For example, a student athlete repeating a grade after entering ninth grade, would be ineligible in their fifth year of high school. Under the “Period of Participation” rule, there are no “redshirt “ years, and not playing a season in a given sport one year does not give a student athlete  an additional season of eligibility to play that sport. Regardless of where the student athlete begins ninth grade, in another state, country or at home (home school), the semester clock begins and carries over to enrollment in a school in Pennsylvania that is a member of the P.I.A.A.

More information regarding athletic eligibility can be found on the PIAA website.

Prospective student athletes and their parents with questions concerning athletic eligibility should contact the Director of Athletics Rich Casey at 610-989-1491 or via email at



Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy & College is seen as an international leadership institution, comprised of a middle school, high school, and college. The College is also known and has been designated by the Governor and Legislature as the Military College of Pennsylvania™.