Diversity is strength.


Discipline, structure and teamwork don’t care where you were born. Students from around the world come to Valley Forge to prepare for success in life.

International Academy Cadets

International Students

One of the great strengths of Valley Forge Military Academy is the incredible diversity of the student population. Students from around the world, representing more than 30 nations, have attended Valley Forge in preparation for success in life.


  • Complete an application online or submit a hard copy with a $100 non-refundable application fee
  • Grades for the last three (3) years (in English)
  • Evaluations completed by teachers (Math, English and Principal/Guidance Counselor)


  • Application fee: $100 for Academy (grades 6-12)
  • Grades for the last three (3) years (in English)
  • Evaluations completed by teachers (Math, English and Principal/Guidance Counselor)
  • Copy of bio section of passport (Photo Page)
  • International student request form
  • Bank Statement (in English and US dollars). A letter from the bank is NOT sufficient
  • Contact information for any family or agents in the United States
  • We recommended, depending on their proficiency with English in an academic setting, that international students attend the English Language & Leadership Summer Program

Please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Montgomery with any questions via email: lmontgomery@vfmac.edu or by phone: 610-989-1399.

English Language (ESL) Summer Program

The ESL Summer Program is for students entering grades 7-12 in the 2018-2019 academic school year.

The Valley Forge Military Academy & College ESL Summer Program is a four-week program designed for students who want to gain academic proficiency with the English language as well as the cultural competency necessary to succeed in the American classroom. The program includes language instruction, practical and theoretical leadership training, experiential learning trips, cultural immersion and exploration.

ESL Summer Program Details

Dates: July 15-August 19
Arrival Date: July 15 9:00am – Noon
Ages: For students entering grades 7-12 in the 2018-2019 academic school year
Cost: $7,000 USD (includes tuition, room & board, books, trips, activities. health insurance fee is additional.*)
Apply: Complete the appropriate application below.

  • Application for students attending only the ESL Summer Program
  • Application for students attending the ESL Summer Program and VFMAC in the Fall.

Your application is not complete without our required medical forms.

Please be sure all of the following documents are included with your application:

  • Completed Enrollment Form
  • Copy of passport
  • Current 5cm x 5cm passport photo
  • Medical forms
  • $500 deposit fee
  • Proof of insurance (for non-VF students)

Mail to:
Valley Forge Military Academy & College
Office of Academy Admissions
Attn: ESL Summer Program

1001 Eagle Road
Wayne, PA, 19087

For assistance please contact:
Erica Diaz
Email: ediaz@vfmac.edu
Phone: 610-989-1561

ESL Summer Program Components

Academic English Language Training

Students will prepare for the upcoming academic year with English language instruction that will focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking, and critical thinking skills. Students will take a placement exam to determine the course level that will best support their needs. Courses focus on language found in a variety of academic and cultural contexts to prepare students for the subjects they will encounter in the American classroom.

Leadership Training

Students will participate in leadership training based on the Five Cornerstones upon which Valley Forge has built an international reputation: Academic Excellence, Personal Motivation, Character Development, Physical Development, and Leadership. The goal of the leadership training is for students to develop an awareness of their leadership potential and learn the necessary critical thinking skills that will enable them to act responsibly, succeed academically, and meet the challenges in their personal and academic lives.

American Culture and Recreation

Students will venture into the community on organized experiential learning trips to complete academic, leadership, and cultural projects and to enjoy all the Philadelphia area has to offer. Students will visit historic sites, parks, and museums, attend sporting events, participate in recreational activities, and experience American culture.

Health Insurance Cost

For students who are enrolled in the ESL Summer Program, and will continue in the fall semester at the Academy or College, the annual cost of health insurance is $1,250.00, and the insurance will be valid beginning July 15.

For students who are only enrolling in the ESL Summer Program, and will not attend VFMAC in the fall semester, the cost of insurance is $450.00 for two months, valid beginning July 15.

ESL Summer Program Curriculum

Program Tracks:

Skill Level  

100 Level

200 Level

300 Level




Program Components Intensive English Language(Core Skills Course)* Intensive English Language (Core Skills Course)* Intensive Academic English (Core Skills Course)*
English Language Electives English Language Electives English Language Electives
Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips Afternoon Community Interaction/Culture Trips
Full Day Weekend Trips Full Day Weekend Trips Full Day Weekend Trips
Life Skills/Leadership Training Leadership Training Leadership Training
Recreational Activities Recreational Activities Recreational Activities
Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall


ESL Summer Program Activities

Community Interaction and Cultural Activities

One afternoon per week, students will take experiential learning field trips to participate in American culture, interact with the local community, and complete projects, photo scavenger hunts, and other task-based group projects assigned in their Core English class.


One day per week, students will take a day-long excursion. Trips include: Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York, Hershey Park, and various local attractions.

Campus Activities

Students will have an opportunity to participate in activities taking place on campus in the afternoon and occasional evening. Activities include swimming and sports.

Study Hall

From Sunday-Thursday evenings, students will have the opportunity to complete homework assignments and projects in a controlled and quiet setting in their barracks or in the library.