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VFMAC’s Honorable Alumni Awards.

We are proud to recognize the Valley Forge alumni who’ve gone on to accomplish great things as citizens and leaders.

Order of Anthony Wayne for Distinguished Service

The Order of Anthony Wayne for Distinguished Public Service is Valley Forge Military Academy & College’s highest award presented to those who demonstrate exceptional public service nationally or internationally.

The Order of Anthony Wayne award was established on January 18, 1929, when the original campus of Valley Forge Military Academy in Devon was completely destroyed by fire. The heroism of the cadets during this disaster, along with their excellent motivation and discipline, inspired General Baker to create this highly coveted award, and it remains the Forge’s most distinguished award to this day.

The award is made not only to distinguished cadets and members of the faculty, but also to community leaders who have achieved standards of excellence, shown high ideals and untiring efforts above and beyond the call of duty, contributed to the esprit de corps and progress of Valley Forge Military Academy & College, and who exemplified the best traditions of public service.

Order of Anthony Wayne Winners
Adm. Thomas H. MoorerAlexander M. HaigGEN Hamilton H. Howze
 Dr. Joseph M.A.H. LunsRonald Reagan
 Adm. John S. McCain 
 J. WIlliam Middendorf 
 GEN Maxwell D. Taylor 
Willaim E. ColbyLtGen Thomas P. StaffordJames R. Schlesinger
William E. Simon  
GEN WIlliam C. Westmoreland  
Dr. John R. SilberRear Adm. William Linton NelsonSir Oliver Wright
John O. MarshMary G. RoeblingWarren B. Rudman
 GEN Carl E. Vuono 
Thomas L. ClancyDr. Robert D. BallardEdward G. Rendell
Adm. William J. CroweGen. Paul X. KellyCurt Weldon
GEN Gordon R. Sullivan LtGen John Y. Yeosock
John H. SununuAnthony Cardinal BevilacquaGEN H. Norman Schwarzkopf
 William F. Buckley 
 Ronald Klink 
Tom LaSordaDonald E. MeadsCmdr. Paul Galanti
 Jane L. MeadsFred F. Patten
 Beverly ThomesCapt. Luther H. Smith
John J. BrennanRobert J. FreyThe Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
 Honorable Jan E. DuBois 
Mme. Barbara de PortagoNiles Dally ’63CAPT N.F. (Red) Stein, USN (Ret) ’47
MG Walter T. Lord, USA (Ret.), ’84C  
John J. “Robby” Robinson ’47

Distinguished Alumnus Award

(First award presented in 1950)

Prior to 1980, the Distinguished Alumnus Award was given to alumni for a variety of reasons, including outstanding activity within the Alumni Association, as well as successes in the chosen field of endeavor. In 1980, an additional award was created – the Outstanding Alumnus Award – to be given for outstanding service to the school. Since that time, the Distinguished Alumnus Award has been limited to alumni who have become distinguished in their chosen field of endeavor.

Distinguished Alumnus Award Winners


Earl A. Sneeringer ’30Nathaniel E. Duval ’34Julio C. Morales ’31
Harold G. Simms ’29Jerome D. Salinger ’36I. Bernard Cohen ’33
George C. Seybolt ’32Allen Sutter ’33I. Bernard Cohen ’33
Henry E. Bowes ’32Bissett J. Roberts, ’30William P. Dix, Jr. ’37
Robert C. Richardson, III ’35Alexander Day Surles, Jr. ’32William Z. Scott ’35
C. Charles Vache ’43William R. Kavanaugh ’29William E. Zabel, Jr. ’36
Lester A. Wilson ’3  
William R. Coon ’40CJohn G. Zierdt ’32David C. Birdsell ’36
Fred B. Leavy ’38Andrew J. Sordoni, Jr. ’35Alfred Sasser ’42
C. Clifford Mendler ’36Albert H. Holland ’36Robert H. Smith ’34
Allen F. Weidman ’38 Harold G. Wilson ’36
Guy B. Wheeler, Jr. ’34James J. Pellerite’44William S. Todman ’34
Charles R. Calhoun ’33Richards H. Jarden ’42CLyndon H. Landon, Jr. ’40
Walter A. Miller ’35Frederick W. Boye, Jr. ’34Glenn F. Hake ’33
Sidney Offit ’46 Harry A. Grammes ’33
Robert W. Strong, Jr. ’35Robert L. Frantz, Esq. ’43Paul A. Powell ’40
William Pollock ’33Frank F. Reinhardt ’41Milton M. Charen ’34
E. Bruce Haman ’34John A. Snively ’33 
Leonard Erb ’38  
George H. Bortz, Jr. ’38Harry J. Mier, Jr. ’40CJess A. Bell ’43C
Edward H. Ellis, Jr. ’33 Allen W. Dawson ’44
  Edward D. Sacks ’44
Houston B. Marshall ’35Howard K. Dreizler ’51CWilliam R. Rose ’45
J. Wilbur Mack ’35John H. Humpton, Jr. ’43C. Elwood Parker, Jr. ’46
John J. Ernst, III ’45James M. Naye ’37Sidney Augstein ’42C
James R. Eagan ’51CClaude J. Schlanger ’43 
David T. Brown ’33  
Rafael Hernandez Colon ’53Arnold P. Paltrow ’33Roy J. Sherry ’34
Henry P. Fowler ’60C Richard L. Kattel ’56C
Paul E. Galanti ’57  
Samuel Evans, III, ‘42William R. Tiefel ’52Howard A. Forster ’48
W. Thomas Sykes ’50Robert C. Mehlin ’51CSamuel D. Thompson, Jr. ’48
Harry C. McCreary, Jr. ’45Gaspar Roca ’45Alfred A. Sanelli ’39
Carl E. Mangum ’64C  
The Hon. Warren B. Rudman ’48Jaime S. Carrion ’48James L. Underkoffler ’40C
Samuel S. Bretzfield ’43Mario J. Boiardi ’44Walter J. (Chappie) Lehman, Jr. ’57
GEN Lucius D. Clay, Jr. ’37GEN H. Norman Schwarzkopf ’52James W. Sturr, Jr. ’60C
James E. Jewett ’64  
Allan P. Jaffe ’53 (posthumous)  
John A. Bergfeld, MD ’56David Price Trainer ’62Leland A. Stanford, Jr. ’34
LTG John J. Yeosock ‘55LTG James A. Brabham ‘57Alan R. Buckwalter, III ‘66
CAPT Norman F. (Red) Stein ‘47William R. Floyd, Jr. ‘63William J. O’Hara, Jr. ’67
  Patrick M. O’Hara ’73
Robert J. Woodling ’36Michael A. Nolen ’6Robert P. Freeman, ’52
J. Kent McNew, ’61CIvan R. Sabel, ’63Donald A. Mosites, ’52
Richard A. Hocker ’64Dr. Neil R. Arbegast ’52Mr. John Werner, II ’50 TAPS (Accepted by Mrs. Werner)
  Mr. Lester Botkin ‘69
Mr. Daniel D. Crawford ’67Robert Bacine, Esq., ’60Carl R. Eckardt ’50
  Henry W. Lush ’50
  George H. Schildge ’56
Philip L. Gildenberg ’52N. Gene Banco ’63CWilliam S. Aichele ’70C
Daniel J. Reavy ’77 / ’09HC  
Ronald E. Tschiegg ’52C  
LTG Gustave Perna USA ’81CBarry Sandrew, Ph.D. ’66LTG Michael S. Linnington ’76 USA (Ret.)
 Dr. William Beute ‘63C

Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Outstanding Alumnus Award is presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and support of Valley Forge Military Academy & College over a sustained period of time since graduation.


Outstanding Alumnus Award Winners


William E. Zabel, Jr.,’36Richards H. Jarden ’42CNot Awarded
John B. Falion ’33Leland A. Stanford, Jr., ’34Lewis H. Elliott ’55
William T. Gans, Jr., ’61CMarshall Abramson ’60Joseph D. Formisano ’63C
Donald I. Guss ’53C Rudolf W. Herzog ’35
Robert J. Woodling ’36Adin B. Capron ’54Michael E. Lyon ’54
David P. Trainer ’62P. Donald Rieck ’43William J. Taylor ’58
William L. Schmidt, Esq., ’64John J. Gallagher, Jr., ’65CRichard A. Silhol ’47
W. Thomas Sykes ’50Frank W. Guthridge, Jr., ’71Colonel Tomas B. Puyans ’48C
LTC James A. Fraley, Jr., ’70CFrank T. Becker ’67CGilbert S. Benjamin ’63C
Colonel Richard M. Artz ’56LTC Douglas B. Davis, USA (Ret.), ’70 / ’72CLTC Romulo R. Diez ’56
  COL Thomas W. Medearis ’66
Howard A. Forster ’48Conrad E. Muhly, IV, ’73Niles P. Dally ’63
Harry M. Judge ’67John W. Robinson ’47Dung T. Lam ’85C
Franklin M. Seeley ’43 CAPT C. Carter Nute ’58 / ’60C
Gerald J. Supplee ’69Mark A. Schneider ’67Not awarded
John R. Rapp ’74CFrank A. Serino ’77 
 Thomas L. Smith ’71C 
Stephen M. Grimble ’62Robert M. Rosend ’69CNot awarded
Ira Thomas Goldblum ’69Bryan K. Geiling ’94 / ’96CCOL Thomas A. Balish ’78 / ’80C
Samuel M. Laird ’62Jeffrey G. Little ’78William J. Wyatt ’57
Richard W. Orr ’62, (posthumously)  
J. Walter Mosetter ’75 / ’77CWilliam M. Beute ’63CGordon Hanscom ’62/’64C
 Alfred J. Heyer ’69Walter Matlack ’76
Arthur R. Lambert ’60N. Gino Banco ’63CRoque Schipilliti ’06
Robert O. Shapiro ’60Peter A. Huchthausen ’57 
 David W. Martin ’59 
Ford “Woodie” Stevens ’60Hugh B. Roberts ’56David Esqueda ’98, ’00C
James “Pete” McLallen ’62, ’64C Tim Graham ’66
COL Joseph A. Bartasius ’81, ’83C, USA (Ret.)William H. Martoccia, Jr. '73, '75C 
Robin C. Lahiri ’85

Honorary Alumnus Award

(First award presented in 1941 but award not formalized until 1981)

An Honorary Alumnus Award may be presented only to an individual who is not an alumnus or current employee and who has given outstanding service for the benefit of Valley Forge Military Academy & College in support of its high standards, traditions and goals, in direct support of its programs, or in direct service to its cadets. (1) Those who, as friends of the school, have shown their dedication and commitment to the school and through their actions, merit special recognition by the school as an alumnus; and (2) Those who have previously served on the faculty or staff at Valley Forge and who, by virtue of the longevity, quality and impact of service meet the qualifications above and who, therefore, merit special recognition by the school as an alumnus. (Current employees will not be eligible for bestowal of the award while in current employment status.)

Honorary Alumnus Award Winners


MG Milton H. Medenbach ’41HLouis Kapelski ’81HDr. Millard E. Gladfelter ’82H
Achille F. Barone ’83HRobert E. Porter ’84HT. George Downs ’85H
Donald E. Meads ’86HBob Hope ’87HLTG Willard Pearson, USA (Ret.) ’88H
Ernest P. Raum ’89HJane L. Meads ’90HDoris L. Atkins ’81H
 COL D. Keith Feltham ’90H 
James P. Schellenger ’92HLTC L. Maitland Blank ’93HRev. J. Louise R. Baker ’94H
COL J. Stuart Mulkerns ’92JBG Anna K. Bullock ’93HBruce H. Hooper ’84H
 Colonel William J. Godfrey ’93HColonel George W. Rickert ’94H
COL Walter R. Badham ’95HTheodore Clattenburg ’96HDoris Hodson ’97H
COL Stanley A. Harris, P.C., ’95HCOL John R. Romine ’96HCOL Harry Hodson ’97H
Helen C. Medenbach ’95H  
LTC Bertram South ’95H  
Robert W. Miller ’98HDr. Frederick Breitenfeld, Jr., ’99HBG Alfred W. Hess ’00H
 COL John W. Lord, III, ’99HCOL Victor C. Infortuna ’00H
  RADM Virgil L. Hill, Jr., ’00H
  Mrs. Kim Hill ’00H
Not awardedCOL Danny Jaynes ’05HNot awarded
LTC James F. Coates, USA (Ret.), ’07H, TAPSConrad G. Follansbee, ’08HNot awarded
 COL Ken Seitz ’08H 
Mr. Augustine Negro 13HCOL Dominick P. Lorusso, Jr. ’14HHollis M. Cheshire ’15H
Mr. Ronald Reddy ’13H John F. Haines ’15H
COL Lee Temperton, VFMAC (Ret.) ’16HMrs. Lini Stevens ’17HG. E. Patrick Murray, Ph.D. '18H
COL Gerald Cupo, VFMAC (Ret.) ’16H Chris Roussos '18H
LTC Victoria Flood, VFMAC (Ret.) ’16H