Alumni Officers and Directors

2020 Alumni Homecoming Weekend

The 2020 Alumni Homecoming Weekend will be Friday, April 24 through Sunday, April 26! Hope to see you all there!

Leadership Overview

All Officers and Board Members shall be chosen from the members of the Association. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the following: Chairman of the Board of Directors, President of the Association, Executive Vice President of the Association, Secretary of the Association and Treasurer of the Association. They shall be elected by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting, and shall hold such office immediately following the Homecoming Weekend until their successors have been elected. The Chairman must have previously served as President of the Association. The President must have previously been a member of the Executive Committee for two (2) years unless he previously served as Executive Vice President.


Officers – Effective May 1, 2018
SeatNameTerm Ends
COL Joseph Bartasius ’81, ’83C USA (Ret.)May 1, 2020
Roque Schipilliti ’06May 1, 2020
Executive Vice President
LTC Frank Spano ’01C, USAF, VFMACMay 1, 2020
Jeff Kreuer ’80May 1, 2020
Ivan Brown ’97May 1, 2020
Honorary Life Exec. Vice PresidentLTC Bob Shapiro ’60 USAF (Ret.)Honorary Life Tenure
Board of Directors

Jeffrey Bevenour '042021
Sean Condron '972020
Franz Hahn '82, '84C2020
Glenn Horsky '742021
Joseph C. Jacobs '01C2020
Hans Klotzbach '02C2020
Robin Lahiri '852021
Arthur Lambert '602020
Paul Lea IV, Ph.D. ’87, ’89C2020
COL Dave Martin '59, USAFR (Ret)2021
LTC John McBreaty '80C, USA (Ret)2020
1LT Paul McKenna Jr. ’79C USA (Ret.)2020
COL Oliver Norrell III '712021
Greg J. Offner, Jr. ’002020
CPT Carrie Picone '092021
Mark Larson Pretz ’10, ’13C2020
GSgt. Juan Santana ’81C, USMC (Ret.)2020
Rebecca Shumard '152021
Gerald J. Supplee ’692020
Armando Tamargo '102021
Richard Phillip Toland ’002020
Ben White '162021

J.T. Hughes '74Museum, Customs & Traditions
Pete McLallen ’62, ’64CRegiments Co-Chairman
Dr. William Beute, Ph.D. ’63Alumni Chaplain
Tom Goldblum ’69, ’71CDirector of Alumni Relations
Development Contacts
Kathleen ElsmoreSenior Director of Institutional
Tom Goldblum '69, '71CDirector of Alumni
Tammy MottInstitutional Advancement

“…for those who gave their lives for the right to be called Americans…”

Book of Remembrance

Frederick L. Beerman, Jr., USAAC, WWIIErnest Halton, USA, WWIIThomas J. Foley, Jr., USA, WWII
P. Mortimer Lewis, III, USAAC, WWIIJoseph P. Prendergast, Jr., USA, WWIIJoseph L. Henry, Jr., USN, WWII
John Rahter, Jr., USA, WWIICharles C. Huff, II, USA, WWII
Howard M. Rothman, USAAC, WWIIJames E. Mather, USAAC, WWII
John O. Boland, USA, WWIIClayton R. Blessing, USAAC, WWIIMartin H. Cortwright, USA, WWII
Richard S. Patzowsky, USMM, WWIIGeorge W. Elliott, Jr., USA, WWIIMorton T. French, USAAC, WWII
Egil H. Relling, USA, WWIIWalter R. Romney, USAAC, WWIIJohn D. McCloskey, USAAC, WWII
Frank W. Van Loon, USAAC, WWIICarl U. Sautter, USAAC, WWIIHoward F. Porter, USAAC, WWII
Lewis P. Wells, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Lester M. Block, USA, WWIIWilmurt A. Bennett, Jr., USN, WWIIDonald W. Campbell, USA, Korea
Ernest M. Elkin, Jr., USAAC, WWIIDavid Edmonds, USAAC, WWIIRobert C. Haas, USAAC, WWII
Thomas Q. Slattery, USMC, WWIIJohn F. Kiely, USA, WWIIOwen M. Maxwell, USA, WWII
Eric Fisher Wood, USA, WWIIClarence J. Kuncl, USA, WWIIPaul C. McNiel, USN, Guantanamo Bay
John E. Young, USAAC, WWIIRobert Morris, VII, USAAC, WWIIJoseph F. Meyers, USAAC, WWII
Joseph D. Stone, Jr., USA, WWIIRoss E. Powell, USA, WWII
Clifton W. Strunk, USAAC, WWIIRalph V. Shaffer, USA, WWII
Wayne T. Swanbery, USAAC, WWIIMalcolm A. Schweiker, USA, WWII
William C. Lentz, USN, WWIIFrank E. Bloomenshine, USA, KoreaMartin S. Drobner, USA, WWII
Theodore M. Maloney, USAAC, WWIIGeorge F. Carey, USAAC, WWIIJohn W. Campbell, USA, WWII
Jack E. Steele, USA, WWIIGordon B. Chapman, USA, WWIIRobert E. Chittenden, USA, WWII
Robert R. Ziegele, USAAC, WWIIAlbert M. Ehart, Jr., USA, WWIIWilliam I. Harvey, USA, WWII
Vernon D. Pearson, USAAC, WWIIRobert I. Rothstein, USA, WWII
Justin A. Pie, USA, WWIIHoward R. Sanders, USA, WWII
Emanuel P. Russo, USA, WWIIGeorge D. Shields, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Graham C. Woodlaw, USA, WWII
Joel C. Dressel, USN, WWIILewis F. Lane, USA, KoreaRichard R. McCullough, USA, Korea
Conrad E. Fischer, USA, WWIIF. Turner Munsell, Jr., USA, KoreaHarry W. Spraker, Jr., USA, Korea
Edmond M. Flaherty, Jr., USA, WWIIJohn E. Pagett, USA, WWIIFred Z. Troescher, Jr., USN, Philippine Sea
Edmond M. Flaherty, Jr., USA, WWIIWilliam G. Turner, USA, WWIIJoseph A. Yates, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Nicholas M. Manos, USA, WWII
Robert Paryzek, USAAC, WWII
Allen W. Rucker, Jr., USA, WWII
Michael C. Esposito, USA, WWIIJunius B. Agnelli, USA, KoreaGeorge H. Lorimer, USA, Korea
William T. Harvey, USN, Mediterranean SeaSalvatore Meli, USAF, Germany
Je Mickey Helt, USA, KoreaAlberto G. Recio, Bay of Pigs
Arthur B. Moore, USN, Mediterranean SeaWilliam R. Wolfe, USAF, United States
Myron G. Reed, II, USAF, Yellow Sea
Clifford David Strout, Jr., USA, Korea
Robert A. Bergman, USN, KoreaDonald J. Seaman, USAF, VietnamErnest E. Layou, Jr., USA, Vietnam
William E. Bernzinec, USA, VietnamRichard P. Polidori, USA, United States
Ronald R. Ferris, USA, KoreaRichard Lynch, USA, VietnamGeorge E. Hussey, USA, Vietnam
Stanley K. Smiley, USN, VietnamRaul Menocal, Bay of PigsBruce B. Greene, USAF, Vietnam
A. Robert Toal, USA, VietnamJohn S. Sabine, IV, USA, VietnamR. Jefferson Hornaday, USAF, Thailand
Alexander K. Ward, USMC, Vietnam
Harold J. Kaufman, USA, VietnamRobert H. Donaway, USA, VietnamThomas E. Firth, USMC, Vietnam
Maxwell Frantz, USMC, VietnamJaime Pujals, USA, Korea
Peter W. Saravo, USN, United States
R. Michael Arnovitz, USA, VietnamRaymond G. Krobetzky, USA, VietnamRobert W. Dieffenbach, Jr., USA, Vietnam
Otto Paul Meyer, III, USA, VietnamF. Ronald Tomon, USMC, VietnamVictor C. A. Jauer, USA, Vietnam
Joseph C. Park, Jr., USA, VietnamJon R. Morvay, USN, Vietnam
Tony Clough, USA, VietnamPaul M. DuCharm, USMC, VietnamCraig E. Lerner, USCG, Puerto Rico
George L. Dramis, USMC, LebanonDurrell V. Pearsall, FDNY, World Trade CenterPhillip Esposito, USA, Iraq
Captain Jeffrey P. Toczylowski, USA, IraqRobert Michael Langley, USA, Oxford, MSCapt. Ronald George Luce, USA, Afghanistan
Spc. Kevin Mowl, USA, IraqJoseph James Theinert, USA, Afghanistan
Key to Service Designations
USA – U.S. Army
USN – U.S. Navy
USMC – U.S. Marine Corps
USAAC – U.S. Army Air Corps (WWII)
USAF – U.S. Air Force (post-WWII)
USCG – U.S. Coast Guard
USMM – U.S. Merchant Marine