Alumni Regiments

Regiment Chapters

Alumni Regiments enable you to establish and maintain ties to other Forge alumni in your local community. Regiments are geographically diverse and serve to bring alumni together to make connections, share experiences, and support the Valley Forge mission. Presently we have Regiments in cities that hold the greatest concentrations of Forge alumni, but we are always looking to expand into other areas.

For more information, or to start a Local Regiment in your area, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at 610-989-1329.


  • VFMAC Bay Area Regiment (Northern California and Reno NV Area)
  • VFMAC Gotham Regiment (Greater New York City)
  • VFMAC Ohio Regiment (North Eastern Ohio)
  • VFMAC Tokyo Japan Regiment (Tokyo Japan)
  • VFMAC PAARNG Regiment
  • VFMAC Washington Crossing Regiment (Philadelphia Suburbs & Southern NJ)
  • VFMAC New Jersey Regiment
  • VFMAC Southern California Regiment
  • VFMAC Miami Regiment (South Florida)
  • VFMAC Beijing Regiment
  • VFMAC Honduras Regiment
  • VFMAC Panama Regiment
  • VFMAC Dominican Republic Regiment
  • VFMAC Central Florida Regiment
  • VFMAC Texarkana Regiment (Based in NOLA)
  • VFMAC Atlanta Regiment
  • VFMAC Central Texas Regiment Central TX & Fort Hood)
  • VFMAC Michigan Regiment (Northern Michigan)
  • VFMAC National Capital Region George Washington Regiment (Greater Washington DC)
  • VFMAC Puerto Rico Regiment
  • VFMAC Costa Rica Regiment
  • VFMAC New England Regiment (Boston)
  • TAV- The Alumni Voice

“…for those who gave their lives for the right to be called Americans…”

Book of Remembrance

Frederick L. Beerman, Jr., USAAC, WWIIErnest Halton, USA, WWIIThomas J. Foley, Jr., USA, WWII
P. Mortimer Lewis, III, USAAC, WWIIJoseph P. Prendergast, Jr., USA, WWIIJoseph L. Henry, Jr., USN, WWII
John Rahter, Jr., USA, WWIICharles C. Huff, II, USA, WWII
Howard M. Rothman, USAAC, WWIIJames E. Mather, USAAC, WWII
John O. Boland, USA, WWIIClayton R. Blessing, USAAC, WWIIMartin H. Cortwright, USA, WWII
Richard S. Patzowsky, USMM, WWIIGeorge W. Elliott, Jr., USA, WWIIMorton T. French, USAAC, WWII
Egil H. Relling, USA, WWIIWalter R. Romney, USAAC, WWIIJohn D. McCloskey, USAAC, WWII
Frank W. Van Loon, USAAC, WWIICarl U. Sautter, USAAC, WWIIHoward F. Porter, USAAC, WWII
Lewis P. Wells, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Lester M. Block, USA, WWIIWilmurt A. Bennett, Jr., USN, WWIIDonald W. Campbell, USA, Korea
Ernest M. Elkin, Jr., USAAC, WWIIDavid Edmonds, USAAC, WWIIRobert C. Haas, USAAC, WWII
Thomas Q. Slattery, USMC, WWIIJohn F. Kiely, USA, WWIIOwen M. Maxwell, USA, WWII
Eric Fisher Wood, USA, WWIIClarence J. Kuncl, USA, WWIIPaul C. McNiel, USN, Guantanamo Bay
John E. Young, USAAC, WWIIRobert Morris, VII, USAAC, WWIIJoseph F. Meyers, USAAC, WWII
Joseph D. Stone, Jr., USA, WWIIRoss E. Powell, USA, WWII
Clifton W. Strunk, USAAC, WWIIRalph V. Shaffer, USA, WWII
Wayne T. Swanbery, USAAC, WWIIMalcolm A. Schweiker, USA, WWII
William C. Lentz, USN, WWIIFrank E. Bloomenshine, USA, KoreaMartin S. Drobner, USA, WWII
Theodore M. Maloney, USAAC, WWIIGeorge F. Carey, USAAC, WWIIJohn W. Campbell, USA, WWII
Jack E. Steele, USA, WWIIGordon B. Chapman, USA, WWIIRobert E. Chittenden, USA, WWII
Robert R. Ziegele, USAAC, WWIIAlbert M. Ehart, Jr., USA, WWIIWilliam I. Harvey, USA, WWII
Vernon D. Pearson, USAAC, WWIIRobert I. Rothstein, USA, WWII
Justin A. Pie, USA, WWIIHoward R. Sanders, USA, WWII
Emanuel P. Russo, USA, WWIIGeorge D. Shields, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Graham C. Woodlaw, USA, WWII
Joel C. Dressel, USN, WWIILewis F. Lane, USA, KoreaRichard R. McCullough, USA, Korea
Conrad E. Fischer, USA, WWIIF. Turner Munsell, Jr., USA, KoreaHarry W. Spraker, Jr., USA, Korea
Edmond M. Flaherty, Jr., USA, WWIIJohn E. Pagett, USA, WWIIFred Z. Troescher, Jr., USN, Philippine Sea
Edmond M. Flaherty, Jr., USA, WWIIWilliam G. Turner, USA, WWIIJoseph A. Yates, Jr., USAAC, WWII
Nicholas M. Manos, USA, WWII
Robert Paryzek, USAAC, WWII
Allen W. Rucker, Jr., USA, WWII
Michael C. Esposito, USA, WWIIJunius B. Agnelli, USA, KoreaGeorge H. Lorimer, USA, Korea
William T. Harvey, USN, Mediterranean SeaSalvatore Meli, USAF, Germany
Je Mickey Helt, USA, KoreaAlberto G. Recio, Bay of Pigs
Arthur B. Moore, USN, Mediterranean SeaWilliam R. Wolfe, USAF, United States
Myron G. Reed, II, USAF, Yellow Sea
Clifford David Strout, Jr., USA, Korea
Robert A. Bergman, USN, KoreaDonald J. Seaman, USAF, VietnamErnest E. Layou, Jr., USA, Vietnam
William E. Bernzinec, USA, VietnamRichard P. Polidori, USA, United States
Ronald R. Ferris, USA, KoreaRichard Lynch, USA, VietnamGeorge E. Hussey, USA, Vietnam
Stanley K. Smiley, USN, VietnamRaul Menocal, Bay of PigsBruce B. Greene, USAF, Vietnam
A. Robert Toal, USA, VietnamJohn S. Sabine, IV, USA, VietnamR. Jefferson Hornaday, USAF, Thailand
Alexander K. Ward, USMC, Vietnam
Harold J. Kaufman, USA, VietnamRobert H. Donaway, USA, VietnamThomas E. Firth, USMC, Vietnam
Maxwell Frantz, USMC, VietnamJaime Pujals, USA, Korea
Peter W. Saravo, USN, United States
R. Michael Arnovitz, USA, VietnamRaymond G. Krobetzky, USA, VietnamRobert W. Dieffenbach, Jr., USA, Vietnam
Otto Paul Meyer, III, USA, VietnamF. Ronald Tomon, USMC, VietnamVictor C. A. Jauer, USA, Vietnam
Joseph C. Park, Jr., USA, VietnamJon R. Morvay, USN, Vietnam
Tony Clough, USA, VietnamPaul M. DuCharm, USMC, VietnamCraig E. Lerner, USCG, Puerto Rico
George L. Dramis, USMC, LebanonDurrell V. Pearsall, FDNY, World Trade CenterPhillip Esposito, USA, Iraq
Captain Jeffrey P. Toczylowski, USA, IraqRobert Michael Langley, USA, Oxford, MSCapt. Ronald George Luce, USA, Afghanistan
Spc. Kevin Mowl, USA, IraqJoseph James Theinert, USA, Afghanistan
Key to Service Designations
USA – U.S. Army
USN – U.S. Navy
USMC – U.S. Marine Corps
USAAC – U.S. Army Air Corps (WWII)
USAF – U.S. Air Force (post-WWII)
USCG – U.S. Coast Guard
USMM – U.S. Merchant Marine

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